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Cracked toilet tank - Landlord Forum thread 225955

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Cracked toilet tank by Patricia (washington) on June 15, 2011 @07:05

So I get a phone call from a panicked tenant saying her toilet broke, her story was her son was on toilet and the tank cracked in half and water spilled out everywhere. I told her it sounded like someone hit tank pretty hard to crack it and said I would come look at it and see if it was a manufacturer issues or tenant neglect. Myself and my Maintenance guy are there within the hour and you could see that the tank part had a crack all the through it and completely around to the point to where you could pick up the top half of the tank and completely remove it.

It looked like to both of us as if someone either was sitting on toilet and were doing the wild thing and banging against back of tank or fell into it or were just constantly pushing on it till it broke the top half off. I have never seen anything like it. I took pics and showed a few of my other landlord friends and they too came to the same conclusion as me....that it was something the tenant did. Well we replaced the whole thing with a new toilet.

So do you think this is something I should charge tenant for or is this my responsibility as a landlord to pay for toilet and labor.

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Re: Cracked toilet tank by Gail K (GA) on June 15, 2011 @07:12 [ Reply ]
Toilet tanks don't "wear out" to the point where they crack (although the bolts that hold them to the bottom of the toilet can rust out and cause leaks).

Something (someone) had to hit it, rock it, whack it, throw something at it, etc. to have this happen.


Re: Cracked toilet tank by Katiekate (New York) on June 15, 2011 @07:19 [ Reply ]
I would send the bill to the tenant.

I would itemize it and put it this way.

"The total cost of replacement was $nnnn. This amount was pay from your damage deposit. I expect you will include $nnnn along with your next rent payment to bring your damage deposit back up to the required amount equal to 1 month."

That way you have it.. regardless. If they don't pay it..send a late rent notice. If they decide to move have documented the amount from the deposit.

Re: Cracked toilet tank by Jack (NY) on June 15, 2011 @07:21 [ Reply ]
I have one that has a crack running through it.
A tenant called to complain about it, but it is a hairline crack that was easy for me to overlook. It has been a few years and has not leaked. To me it looks like it may only be in the finish, but it runs across the whole toilet bowl.
I asked the tenant to keep an eye on it and I'll replace it if anything changes.
Re: Cracked toilet tank by Cliff on June 15, 2011 @10:08 [ Reply ]
If I understand you right, the toilet was merely cracked? Not shattered or broken into chunks, but the entire top comes off in one piece as a result of that crack?

If so, that doesn't sound like a tenant-caused issue. Toilet tanks are pretty darn tough, a blow strong enough to cause damage will break it at that point, smashing in one side. A crack running around the bottom sounds like a manufacturing defect. While the tenant may have done something like banging into it, I don't see how you could hit it hard enough to crack off the top of the tank without shattering it unless there was a defect to start with.

Re: Cracked toilet tank by MassLL on June 15, 2011 @10:13 [ Reply ]
Sounds like you have a good case that it was cracked due to misuse by the tenant. Normally, I'd advise weighing how long she's been a tenant and how good, against whether or not to have her pay. but this sounds like her son may be out of control and she needs to know that if she doesn't control him, she has to pay.

short version of my cracked toilet story is my tenant gets a clog whenever she is recovering from a medical procedure (only twice in 4 yrs). She gets constipation from the meds. Then when she is unclogged, the toilet gets clogged.

The 2nd time, she hadn't mentioned a procedure, but when I was working on the toilet, I was surprised at how dusty the bathroom was and was looking around to check cleanliness when wording on a paper stuck to the wall leapt out at me:
"post surgical care".

1st I was mortified at seeing something so private, then realized this is what had happened with the 1st clog 2 yrs prior. So I tried to read the date but then "implants" leapt out at me! She came back in and I couldn't read anything else. But it was so hard for me to keep my "eyes up"! LOL! (apparently, it was dental implants)

I hope she is finished with procedures.

Re: Cracked toilet tank by Eric (MN) on June 15, 2011 @18:19 [ Reply ]
I owned a bar once. Had the tank break and water all over. It happens when someone leans back against the tank with quite a bit of weight or force.

It doesn't happen accidentally.

Re: Cracked toilet tank by E. (ct) on July 20, 2013 @14:53 [ Reply ]
Just had a total gut of my kitchen from crack in toilet tank. Tenant was away for a week and half and came back and found the house flooded. I thought it was from the tenant falling back onto the toilet too hard. I just was told by an architect friend that it was probably due to cold water in the tank during extreme hot weather. The toilet is only four years old but has no mixing valve. When the tenant left they shut off ac units and the temp probably was over 100 degrees upstairs. I'm not sure! Any thoughts?
Re: Cracked toilet tank by lizzy Madon (nc) on August 26, 2013 @14:33 [ Reply ]
I sat down on my toilet and the samething happen the tank cracked and water ran everywhere. The toilet tank was also in pieces. I ask the guy at Lowes how could this happen just by me sitting on it as I have done gor over a year; he said the age of the tank and like it was with a lot of rust arin the bottom of the tank from the bolts.
Re: Cracked toilet tank by Maricel Henaine (Illinois) on September 13, 2017 @16:15 [ Reply ]
I have replaced our basement toilet at least 4 times, if the floor is not level it will cause this to happen, we finally decided to either level the floor with new cement, or get a wall mounted toilet. don't always believe that is the tenants fault. even someone heavy sitting on the toilet if not leveled correctly is going to happen.

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