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Section 8 paying - Tenant not paying her share - Landlord Forum thread 228183

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Section 8 paying - Tenant not paying her share by Carol on July 10, 2011 @15:30

Curious to know how you would handle this.

Tenant hasn't paid her portion ($58) of the rent since February. Section 8 pays the bulk ($1442) monthly. The lease is due for renewal in October.

My first option is to not renew the lease and put her out. However, that means Section 8 goes too. That doesn't work because I'm not ready to give up the sure thing. And I'm not reimbursed.

Second option is to take the late rent and late fees out of the Security Deposit after checking the condition of the apartment. This doesn't work because I learned from you - Don't Mess with the Security Deposit.

So, there you have it...a bit messy. There must be other options that I haven't seen. I appreciate whatever help you can offer. Look forward to your response.

Thank you!
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Re: Section 8 paying - Tenant not paying her share by OK-LL on July 10, 2011 @15:57 [ Reply ]
Remind the tenant that an eviction for non-payment of her share of the rent will result in her losing her S8 benefit and being barred from the program for 5 years. She is receiving significant assistance and should be loathe to lose it -- your notice of intent to evict for non-payment should convince her to make all of her back payments and get her account in good standing. But don't threaten unless you're willing to follow through. Nothing creates a Frankentenant faster than a threat followed by...nothing.
Re: Section 8 paying - Tenant not paying her share by Katiekate (New York) on July 10, 2011 @17:37 [ Reply ]
Long ago had this problem with a property I managed.
I send the letter you see at the bottom of this post.
The result was payment in full, and never another problem.

I was prepared to remove her.

She would have lost her benefits if I have sent that letter to the Housing Authority and she knew it.


Dear Ms _______,

As you are aware, your lease for 79 XXX Ave. ends this July 31. This means the we can end the lease at that time by not renewing.

As you are also aware, you have not been paying the rent. We want you to fix that problem. You should be paying $83 each month as your share of the rent due. We have not received any payment from you in months. In March you owed $581, and you only paid $100 of that. Since then we have received no payments at all. We feel that we have been very patient waiting for you to catch up with the rent.

This is written notice to you that you must pay $547. For the months that you are currently past due, and the additional $83. For the June rent. We require that you pay this entire amount ($ 630.) before June 29th. If you fail to pay this amount by that time we will:

1) notify the Section 8 Department of the Leominster Housing Authority that you are being required to leave the unit because of non-payment,

2) notify the Section 8 Department of the Leominster Housing Authority that the annual inspection is to be canceled because you will not be living there after July 31st.

3) this will constitute your notice to move by July 31st.

While we prefer to keep you on, we CANNOT continue to allow you to live there without paying the rent.

Re: Section 8 paying - Tenant not paying her share by Anonymous on July 10, 2011 @19:14 [ Reply ]
With all due respect, how can you say you are not ready to give up a "sure thing"? You have a tenant who has not paid you the rent due for five months, which is by definitition a PITA tenant, and you are faced with getting rid of her. Is that a sure thing? There is nothing sure about S8. The tenant can screw you which is happening, and if S8 looses their funding, they can end the lease at any time. Sure sounds bad to me.
Re: Section 8 paying - Tenant not paying her share by Eric (MN) on July 10, 2011 @23:30 [ Reply ]
Send a notice to the Section 8 office. Tell them you are ready to file eviction. They will send a letter to you and her.

This is very typical for a section 8 baby mill tenant. The only thing you are missing is the live-in felon boyfriend.

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