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tenant vacated owing rent - Landlord Forum thread 228836

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tenant vacated owing rent by Lynne N (CO) on July 18, 2011 @12:53

My tenant vacated my premises without paying rent. What steps do I need to take to put a unpaid balance of $1750.00 on their credit report?

Any assistance you can give me I will appreciate.

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Re: tenant vacated owing rent by Jake on July 18, 2011 @15:19 [ Reply ]
Was there any damages, repairs or cleaning to be done? Did you have a deposit? Did your tenant have an annual lease that he broke or was he paying month to month? What state are you in? Have you changed the locks?
Re: tenant vacated owing rent by EM (TX) on July 18, 2011 @15:51 [ Reply ]
You need to check your state laws. Each state has its own rules, but generally, you have to give a full accounting to the lessee. You have to mail it to their known address or last known address. Again, check your state laws!
Re: tenant vacated owing rent by OK-LL on July 18, 2011 @23:42 [ Reply ]
The only real answer to your actual question is, you must charge the unpaid rent against the tenant's SD and then file a claim for damages (unpaid rent & any physical damage to the property) in court for the remaining balance due. Once you have a judgment, the credit bureaus will pick it up in the normal course of their data reporting business.

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