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Tree falls on tenant's car. Who is responsible? - Landlord Forum thread 239181

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Tree falls on tenant's car. Who is responsible? by Jax (NY) on November 1, 2011 @21:01

Driveway. Storm. Tell wrecks car. Who is at fault? Does it matter if he's got comprehensive on his auto? Thanks.
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Re: Tree falls on tenant's car. W is responsible? by Anonymous on November 1, 2011 @21:40 [ Reply ]
Tenant is responsible, act of god wrecked car, not the landlord. How is the LL negligent in letting the tree hit the car? Why do tenants and people park their cars in the driveway? No one parks in the garage where the car should be parked. The garage is full of junk and there is no room for the car. My car is in the garage. If the tenant does not have collision/comprehensive insurance then shame on the tenant for being cheap and not having proper coverage. Sounds like tenant is not covered and is trying to find someone to pay for the damage. Good luck!
Re: Tree falls on tenant's car. Who is responsible? by Eric (MN) on November 1, 2011 @23:14 [ Reply ]
It is the responsibility of the tenants auto insurance. Your homeowners insurance might cover it, but a renters policy would not. Either way, it will not raise the insurance premium.
Re: Tree falls on tenant's car. Who is responsible? by Jake on November 2, 2011 @10:30 [ Reply ]
If the neighbor's tree was laid across your car, what would you want to happen?
Re: Tree falls on tenant's car. Who is responsible? by Bryan (Ia) on November 2, 2011 @13:11 [ Reply ]
Simple, it is the T's responsibility to have it covered under their auto or renter's insurance.

When I was in the military my car was parked at my apartment and a hail storm came through. My auto insurance paid for the repair.

The car is the T's property, there was no negligence on the part of the LL, so the T is has to pay, it makes no difference if the T has comprehensive insurance on the car or not.

It makes no difference if a garage was provided or not. The tree could have fallen on the garage and the garage could have collapsed, it is still the T's property and the T is responsible for the repairs. Is the T's property covered by the LL's property insurance if the unit burns? No. That is why the T must have renter's insurance.

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