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19 year old son will not leave - Landlord Forum thread 249236

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19 year old son will not leave by michelle Hans (PA) on February 27, 2012 @13:41

My 19 son has refused to get a job since getting his GED while incarerated in Dec, 2009. He causes much stress for myself and his 12 year old sister. He has much money in his pockets, from doing something illegal - most likely is selling drugs. I want him out. I have given him 30 days notice, but found out today, that tennant landlord laws do not apply. He came home drunk this weekend and pointed a gun at his sister. How can I legally get him to vacate?
Oh... and his 18 year old girlfriend has been staying here too, with my permission since November.
Thanks for you advice...
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Re: 19 year old son will not leave by NY-LL on February 27, 2012 @13:50 [ Reply ]
You cannot be serious
If any of this is true, this is extremely unfortunate. Brandishing a weapon is grounds for a protective order. The police should have been contacted immediately. Why would you jeopardize the welfare of a minor child (12 years old) with exposure to alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity between teenage adolescents, etc.

Maybe you are the bad influence!
After you telephone the police and get the protective order, telephone the bureau of child welfare to remove the minor child to a more appropriate environment.

Pure foolishness!
Re: 19 year old son will not leave by Bryan (Ia) on February 27, 2012 @13:55 [ Reply ]
To paraphrase our resident attorney, parents have been kicking kids out and changing the locks forever, why stop now?
Re: 19 year old son will not leave by Jake on February 27, 2012 @13:57 [ Reply ]
Is your son still under probation or parole? If so, call his probation or parole officer and tell him that your son and his girlfriend are no longer welcome at your home. Also explain that he always seems to have a lot of money for someone who never works and you suspect he is doing something illegal. The parole or probation officer will do the work of moving your son out for you.
Re: 19 year old son will not leave by ll (midwest) on February 27, 2012 @16:59 [ Reply ]
if it was 2009 he's probably not under probation anymore.

you can change the locks today and he can't do anything legally since there is no contract, even if there was the police do not get involved in landlord/tenant disputes, they tell tenant they must sue to gather belongings.

If you really want him out this is what you do:
a) buy new locks for whatever exterior doors he has keys to
b) next time he's about to leave tell him you're changing the locks and you WILL call the police if he comes home
c) change locks while he is gone
d) when he returns call police immediately. Do not argue or say a word, call 911 first and tell them your 19 yr old son is attempting to enter house and you kicked him out. If you want them there quickly tell 911 he is probably armed.

Warning: if you tell the police he might be armed they might shoot him if he does not cooperate. A few years ago a mother did this exact thing and the police killed her son when son did not listen to police and the mother was mad at police because she just wanted him out of her house.

e) police will make him leave, he will have to sue to gather belongings or you can put them outside and call him to pick them up

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