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Best way to handle inspection? - Landlord Forum thread 249239

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Best way to handle inspection? by Jannie (IL) on February 27, 2012 @13:54

My 2nd rental tenant's lease (6 month) is expiring in a month. They are continuing and we will be going to month to month, but I want to do an inspection. How do I handle the inspection? Do I just call up or e-mail and say since your lease is about to expire I'd like to do an inspection. They have a dog and probably would want to cage while I do a walk through. Do I run water, flush toilets, or what? Do I check the garage?
Our other rental house has needed repairs done, so we have been in that home different times within several months.
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Re: Best way to handle inspection? by Bryan (Ia) on February 27, 2012 @13:58 [ Reply ]
Post a notice of inspection, to check batteries in smoke detectors, look for leaks, etc. In most states you must give 24 hours written notice. Check you state's laws from the links to the right.
Re: Best way to handle inspection? by Jake on February 27, 2012 @14:21 [ Reply ]
Some landlords are saying the their insurance is requiring a "safety and fire inspection." Look at every outlet. That will take you into every room. Check the plumbing if you want and whatever else as a "courtesy." Look into the garage as part of your fire inspection. Look for containers of gasoline and the like as well as heaps of junk. Anything you do not like can be considered a "fire hazard." If your tenants ask why you are making an inspection now and have not before, you may say that you have a new insurance company. While you are looking at everything, be sure to check for unauthorized occupants and pets. Make your inspection when someone is home and take someone with you.
Re: Best way to handle inspection? by Greg on February 27, 2012 @16:27 [ Reply ]
Bring a checklist with you.

I use a checklist for every property and when they ask I tell them this is what I do for all of the SFH's we own (corporate policy).

On the bottom of my list is ask the tenants if anything needs fixing that they think I might have missed.

I also always try to do the inspections when the tenant is home (btw, changing AC filters is on the list).

Greg in Phoenix

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