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LLs cannot do this, but tenants who sublet may? - Landlord Forum thread 249259

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LLs cannot do this, but tenants who sublet may? by Anonymous on February 27, 2012 @16:26

In many Craigslist ads for southern California, advertising a room to rent in a house, or a roommate situation for a condo or SFH, etc., seems that people are advertising that they are looking for a female specifically, or a male specifically, or are gay friendly, or looking for a full time student or looking for a professional, or want a single professional, or want someone who is 420 friendly tenants who are legally okay to sublet may do this??

But LLs who advertise are subject to being brought up on discrimination charges? (okay I'm ignoring the 420 thing but just wanted to say I saw that recently on CL!) Thanks.

Is it weird for a LL to advertise for a tenant "roommate" for a townhouse if one current tenant is staying, but the other tenant is leaving for grad school in June, so the other bedroom will be available as of July? Or should the remaining tenant be given the opportunity to find a tenant "roommate" and then the LL does the background check? Or does that muddy the water?

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Re: LLs cannot do this, but tenants who sublet may? by ll (midwest) on February 27, 2012 @16:48 [ Reply ]
Answer to first question: only because they're sharing the same room, bathroom, etc with the person in question. Legally a woman can say they only want another woman to share their room or house with.

Answer to second: I'd say that's a bit unorthodox for a landlord to be trying to rent out rooms in their property rather than the whole property but maybe that's what they do in some areas.

Re: LLs cannot do this, but tenants who sublet may? by Katiekate (New York) on February 27, 2012 @17:45 [ Reply ]
The exception that is being made is that these people are going to live with the person they are advertising for.

If you want to move in with your tenants..then you too can choose who you will share a bathroom with...who you want to see in their PJs in the kitchen in the morning.
Re: LLs cannot do this, but tenants who sublet may? by Anonymous on February 28, 2012 @03:03 [ Reply ]
If your tenant wants another roommate let them advertise but let them know that they will still need to pass a credit/background check before they can move in. This way the roommate can advertise for the type of person they want.
Re: LLs cannot do this, but tenants who sublet may? by MrDan (Georgia) on February 28, 2012 @09:32 [ Reply ]
Advertising for Roommates
There is much confusion about what is or not proper language that can be used for advertisements in seeking roommates. Such advertisements may refer to the desired sex of the
tenant, but only where the sharing of living areas is involved or where the advertisement is for a dormitory for an educational institution.
Such preference is not permissible where the advertisement merely involves the rental of separate units in a single or multi- family dwelling (i.e. a landlord who seeks to rent a basement apartment with no shared living quarters, could not advertise for a male tenant only).
The only exception regarding advertising for a roommate is with respect to the personís sex. In no case may a housing advertisement seek a roommate of a particular race,religion, or other protected class.

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