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Section Eight Tenant - Landlord Forum thread 249326

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Section Eight Tenant by Mike Bruno (NEW YORK) on February 28, 2012 @14:46

New LL renting nice apartment in good area of Buffalo, Should I consider Section 8 Tenant ? Thanks all,
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Re: Section Eight Tenant by Anonymous on February 28, 2012 @14:54 [ Reply ]
Depends on the size of the rental. I would not rent to "baby-mills", those women who have children younger than the number of years they have been on welfare or Section 8; these women will have multiple men moving in and out in violation of the S8 rules, and those men will be shiftless and worthless, except to crowd up your property. I would not rent to 2nd or 3rd generation S8 recipients; they will move instead of cleaning house. The best S8 tenant is an older person on a fixed income such as SSI or Disability; those folks will understand the value of a safe comfortable semi-permanent home so they will take care of your rental and they will typically have fewer unexpected expenses to interfere with paying rent. I have had a number of each, baby-mills and seniors, and I much prefer the latter. If you have a 3-bedroom rental, I would not accept S8 at all.
Re: Section Eight Tenant by Anonymous on February 28, 2012 @15:06 [ Reply ]
Have you looked into what is required of you as a LL in order to rent to Section 8? This is a very important first step. I strongly suggest you do look into it and realize that you will lose control over your rental property. The government will be the new LL. You will be working for the government to help them provide housing to their clients, the tenant.

Re: Section Eight Tenant by Jake on February 28, 2012 @15:41 [ Reply ]
If you have a nice apartment, it will not be nice anymore after you rent to Sec 8 tenants. Not only will it not be nice anymore but it will not be fit to rent again without a complete rebuild.
Re: Section Eight Tenant by Bunny *M*A*G*I*C* on February 28, 2012 @15:54 [ Reply ]
Run. Run away and run fast. The chances of your getting a "good" Sec. 8 tenant are slim. Good tenants who happen to be on Sec. 8 are few and far between.

You are borrowing trouble and giving up many of your rights when you do Sec. 8 tenancies.
Re: Section Eight Tenant by Anonymous on February 28, 2012 @16:22 [ Reply ]
Word of advise: Be careful how you respond to someone who asks if you accept Section 8. In many states it's illegal to refuse to take an application or rent solely based on them being on Section 8. You also cannot post in your advertisements that you do not accept Section 8. That being said, if someone asks you, you can just simply say that the unit isn't approved for the Section 8 program. As a landlord , you are not required to join the program in most states.
Section 8 tenants are NOT excluded from the LL's screening process. You can refuse any section 8 applicant for any of the reasons that you would legally deny any non-section 8 applicant (poor reference, criminal record, history of damages , bad credit, etc)
Re: Section Eight Tenant NO WAY! by Anonymous on February 28, 2012 @20:18 [ Reply ]

Even if you were an experienced landlord, which you are not, I would not accpet Section 8. I have been a landord 12 years and would not touch Section 8 tenants under any circumstances. There are much much better tenants to be found if you are patient.

if you insist on wasting your time, pull a copy of your local Section 8 contract from the web. Really read it. If their terms and conditions don't send you running you can't read English.
Re: Section Eight Tenant by Katiekate (New York) on February 28, 2012 @21:16 [ Reply ]
In New York you can certainly post in your ad...

No Sect 8

Re: Section Eight Tenant by P-Bone in WNY (NY) on February 29, 2012 @07:19 [ Reply ]
If you need help in New York, Katiekate is normally a good reference and I currently maintain property in the suburbs of Buffalo, so feel free to drop me a line. My contact information can be found on my web page if you want to send me an e-mail through there.

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