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Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment - Landlord Forum thread 249800

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Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by Anonymous (MA) on March 5, 2012 @12:32

My tenants keep locking themselves out of their apartment. Last week would have been the third time in 6 months. While I know you can't write a note to them about using common sense when leaving the house make sure you bring your key. But is there anything I can do? I am getting annoyed.

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Re: Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by Katiekate (New York) on March 5, 2012 @12:45 [ Reply ]

After years of dealing with this sort of thing..and never getting paid for the time, key duplication, or my maintenance guy to deal with it...I finally...

put a copy of every key on file with my friendly local locksmith.

The deal is...he will make a key, and whatever else the tenant needs...and the tenant pays him straight..I am not in the middle.

Each tenant has a sticker on the lease for his name, address, phone number and emergency number.

If the tenant calls me..I tell them to call the locksmith.

I don't care what he charges..not my problem, not my issue.
Re: Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by P-Bone in WNY (NY) on March 5, 2012 @15:35 [ Reply ]
All of my rental agreements include charges for lockouts. Personally, the first time I give them a pass and if they are a really good tenant and it's less than once a year, I would normally not mind. If it's more than once in a twelve month period, there is a charge of like $15 during the daytime hours and $25 during the evening hours.
Re: Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by Anonymous on March 5, 2012 @18:48 [ Reply ]
I tell tenants if they lock out we will cone unlock for $50 IF we are in the area, or for free if we are onsite (which is almost never). Otherwise call a locksmith. I remind them that windows cost $600 and doors cost $950, so don't break in.

After the first lock out I suggest they get themselves a "lockbox" with a combo code or give a key to a trusted relative or friend, or leave one hidden in their car.

This is kind of a no-brainer.
Re: Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by Anonymous on March 5, 2012 @21:06 [ Reply ]
Here's what I did. I put a Kwikset electronic deadbolt on the door and changed the door handle to a key-less one. You can use a key with the deadbolt but it also allows for keycoded entry. I have a master code and I have the tenant enter in a code for their use when they take possession.

The tenant doesn't get a key. The device is very reliable and sturdy. You still physically twist a knob to lock and unlock. The only motorized part just enables the knob to be twisted to unlock so the risk of malfunction is minimized. The battery lasts forever.

I installed it myself. It was quick and easy. The device was less than $100.

When they move out, I use my master code to reset the device.

No more dealing with keys. It's fantastic and makes my life easier.
LL Tip: Avoiding Tenant Calls from Lockouts by Eric (MN) on March 6, 2012 @03:22 [ Reply ]
One way to reduce tenant lockouts is to have a deadbolt with a key, not a locking door knob. Change the door knob to a hall /Closet knob.

That way, you can only get locked out of you had the keys when you left. One of the first things I do when I buy a property is to get rid of locks that can be locked by just closing the door. For some, a knob/deadbolt in a matching set works perfectly. The deadbolt is installed on the residence door, and the locking knob on the garage door.
Re: Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by Anonymous on March 6, 2012 @03:49 [ Reply ]
The idea above is a GREAT idea - but I pay like $9 for locks at Wal-Mart and toss them when they start looking nasty.

The non-locking handle is probably the best idea. I'm switching over to that myself.
Re: Tenant keeps locking themselves out of apartment by dave (ny) on March 6, 2012 @14:52 [ Reply ]
just a comment to the colleague who's buying NINE DOLLAR LOCKS.....we have an implied responsibility to furnish REASONABLE SECURITY to our tenants. I, as all of us should, include a clause in my lease about "inspected and accepted for intended ocupancy and use re security". This is a tough world we live in and properties in less than premium areas ,...with less than premium tenants can be targets,....from both sides of the doors. CHEAP LOCKS ARE THAT FOR A REASON. Many cannot be easily rekeyed ( if at all),...and wear out, misalign and jam,....which is LL responsibility. If there's a break-in or fire,....your ''import special'' may turn out to be the worst bargain you ever got !!

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