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Can owner of park make my buyer move?km - Landlord Forum thread 252444

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Can owner of park make my buyer move?km by Shirley P (NM) on April 3, 2012 @22:31

I own a mobile home in a mobile home park and it is rented to a 3rd party. They have been paying space rent directly to the mobile home park owner. The tenants wish to purchase the mobile home from me. The mobile home park owner states if they buy the mobile home that they must move it out of the park. Can a mobile home park owner force the new owner (current tenant) to move out of the park?

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Re: Can owner of park make my buyer move?km by Anonymous on April 4, 2012 @00:52 [ Reply ]
You have asked this question the other day and were given answers and advice on what you should do. The best advice would be to contact a lawyer as mobile homes usually have slightly different rules than apartment or SFH rentals.

From what you have written, it sounds like the contract for the space rental is between you (the owner or the mobile home) and the owner of the mobile park. It really doesn't matter who hands him the check or who's account the money is coming from. What matters is who's name and signature is on rental paperwork for the lot space. If you no longer own the homes, then it very well may terminate that agreement. The mobile park owner does not have to transfer or offer a lot to the new owners if he or she doesn't want to just because you sold the home. The park is his and he chooses which owners he wants to rent lots to, not you.

Honestly, this would be your buyer's problem not yours once the home is sold and they should be the ones contacting a lawyer about their rights as they would be the ones who would be moving out, not you.
Re: Can owner of park make my buyer move?km by Anonymous on April 4, 2012 @05:27 [ Reply ]
In short - yes they can. Many want to update their parks with newer, nicer mobile homes and want the old ones gone. I have friends who live in a mobile home park and when they move one day they can sell their mobile home but it has to be moved out of the park. You normally do not own the land the home sits on (the park owner does) so they can say what can stay and what cannot.

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