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neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing - Landlord Forum thread 255996

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neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by Anonymous on May 23, 2012 @21:33

I rented out a part of my house to a young couple. I rented it cheap cheap because I started an online business and needed space to store my stuff while I live elsewhere. I come and go as I need inventory and stop in unannounced frequently. During one of my visits, a neighbor stopped me and said they were selling drugs and were going to call the authorities but wanted to inform me first to rectify the problem. I asked them what made them think that they were doing that and they said because there is traffic in an out of the house all day and night. I asked if there was anything else like a lot of noise and partying and they said no it is not a "party" house but there is too much traffic. I confronted the tenants and said I rec'd some complaints about high traffic and suspected drug dealing. They were a little upset over the accusations and said it is not like that at all, they say they do have people come over to visit and that they also sell things through craigslist and some people do stop by to see the item in person. I said I can't be dealing with constant complaints so I asked them to meet potential buyers of their items elsewhere. They agreed. I updated neighbor of this and told them that I limited visitors to close family and friends and thanked me for following up but they think it is a lie that he trades on craigslist because people leave empty handed. They said they are going to record the cars coming and going and give the information to the cops if it does not stop. I told them I understood but I am not comfortable accusing someone of selling drugs based on high traffic alone and that if I do that and they are in fact NOT that opens me up to potential defamation suit. They did say it slowed down a lot but that it is still occuring (the visits). I told the tenants that it looks bad to others when they see cars come and go and it is best if they limit it to avoid any type of investigation regardless of their innocence or guilt and that if i continue to get complaints I will have to ask them to relocate as i do not need police busting down doors and tearing apart my inventory over suspected drug dealing. I want to be fair to the tenants as well as respect my neighbors concerns. Should I ask the tenants to leave in order to avoid legal issues and police involvement even though I have no evidence of them doing any thing illegal or do I need to get more evidence to support the neighbor's supsicions? What else should I look out for other than high Traffic as I just dont think that alone warrant enough evidence of guilt
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Re: neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by Jake on May 23, 2012 @21:56 [ Reply ]
Did you run a criminal background check on these two?
Re: neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by Julie in PA on May 23, 2012 @22:33 [ Reply ]
I suspected my neighbors of selling drugs and it turns out they were social workers who did alcohol testing in their house. I also suspected some of my tenants of selling drugs because of the traffic and when I witnessed them handing a tiny packet to someone I handed them their notice to evict the same day and called the police.
Re: neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by OK-LL on May 23, 2012 @22:37 [ Reply ]
You can report the activity to the local drug task force and let them sort it out. They will set up surveillance and if warranted, arrest the tenants and their customers. If there is something else going on, they will figure it out quickly and either leave it alone or take appropriate action where warranted.
Re: neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by Anonymous on May 24, 2012 @01:11 [ Reply ]
Does the neighbor not like young couples? I would not run my business on what the neighbor thinks he is seeing. What do you see, when you are stopping in unannounced?
I have one neighbor that just hates living next to rental property...which she has a right, but that doesn't mean I am going to sell the house. The rental is making a profit, and has nicer curb appeal than her house.....
Re: neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by Anonymous on May 24, 2012 @11:21 [ Reply ]
I remember when are neighbors moved in and they had a constant flow of traffic,I told my daughter " they must be very nice people as they have a lot of friends ". She laughed and said " mom, they are dealing drugs" Sure enough they were. The thing is if they are, and if they are cooking meth, you could loose your home. I find it hard to believe they would do this though as they let you come and go as you please. Most dealers are very paranoid and I wouldnt think would do this, but they also do alot of things that dont make sense. DO you ever notice any abnormal smells when you are over there? Maybe pot or a strong amonia smell? I just dont think I would risk loosing my home over it.
Re: neighbors suspect tenants are drug dealing by MA-LL (MA) on June 3, 2012 @10:24 [ Reply ]
Do you actually enter their rental unit to access your inventory in the basement? I don't know what state you live in, but personally I would be worried about this even more than the activity of the tenants. Entering the tenant's unit such as you are doing would be totally illegal in Massachusetts, where the landlord or landlord's agent has the right to enter the premises under very specific circumstances ONLY, and proper notice must be given to do so.

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