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Problem Tenant - Landlord Forum thread 265044

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Problem Tenant by Dennis on August 26, 2012 @16:41

We have two rental houses next door to each other, in a rural area outside the city limits. One of our tenants has always seemed to have a short temper. Recently the tenant next door called to tell us that, while he had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, the other tenant was outside after 10:00 at night, firing a gun. Then, he went inside and was yelling at his wife. Our tenant who called stated he did not feel safe. He also stated that some time back, the tenant with the gun had told him he spend a year in prison. My question -- what are our liabilities/responsibilities now that we have this information. And, how would we get rid of the problem tenant in a safe way? Thank you.
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Re: Problem Tenant by Katiekate (New York) on August 26, 2012 @16:50 [ Reply ]
Well... I always tell my tenants to call the police.

I am not going out there to disarm this person...I am not going to confront anyone with a gun. My tenant is told to not do it either.

Then, if it were me..I would just not renew the lease on the gun toting tenant and give them notice to move when the time comes.
Re: Problem Tenant by Jake on August 26, 2012 @16:55 [ Reply ]
If your tenant calls that the neighboring tenant is firing a weapon during a domestic dispute he should call the sheriff's office. If this tenant is a month to month all you need to do is give notice. Tell the tenant that you need the place empty to completely remodel because you are going to offer it for sale.
Re: Problem Tenant by Franklin (TN) on August 26, 2012 @18:11 [ Reply ]
As stated earlier, the tenants need to call the police, not you, if someone is firing a gun and in a domestic dispute. I don't get that the tenant (supposedly yours, who you screened) has spent jail time and you didn't know about before now. Do you not screen rural tenants?
Re: Problem Tenant by Monica (Wa) on August 27, 2012 @15:50 [ Reply ]
Tell the tenants to call the police, too bad they didnt the first time. If he is an ex-con he will not be able to have a firearm and would be in violation of his parole. He would have been arrested. Cant shoot off firearms especially an ex-con.

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