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What repair should landlord pay? - Landlord Forum thread 265324

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What repair should landlord pay? by Nobu (Tx) on August 29, 2012 @23:34

My lease agreement indicates that ceiling fans, garage door openers are tenants' responsibility and land load will not repair doors and windows. In the past year and half, I replaced 3 ceiling fans, replaced one garage door opener and repair one, replaced two broken windows, two exterior doors, three broken door knobs and three ball catch door latches among two duplex(4 total units).
Am I too nice to the tenants or it is normal?
Three of four tenants are in section 8 program and do not seem to have a lot of extra money.
I appreciate if you share your experience/opinions.
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Re: What repair should landlord pay? by Anonymous on August 29, 2012 @23:45 [ Reply ]
Do not pay for tenant damage, give them the bill and repair when payment is recieved.
Re: What repair should landlord pay? by Katiekate (New York) on August 30, 2012 @03:46 [ Reply ]
That is a really unusually high amount of repairs.
Really high.

Are they throwing drunken bashes and tearing the places up?
What the heck is going on inside that is causing that much damage??? wow

I don't see that much damage over a 10 year period.

Re: What repair should landlord pay? by Shaun (FL) on August 30, 2012 @09:53 [ Reply ]
I agree too much with the doors and windows.
The only window I have replaced in the last 5 years was caused by the lawn service (rock flew up and hit a window) not the tenant. I fixed the window and billed the lawn service.
I had one tenant that kept breaking the toilet handles. Three in three months. I billed for the third b/c both toilets now had new handles. Never broke another.
Start billing for the damage and they'll figure it out (hopefully).
Re: What repair should landlord pay? by Nobu (Tx) on August 31, 2012 @00:23 [ Reply ]
My properties are not in a great neighborhood.
About doors, one of children of a tenant had gang related issue and somebody shot 7 bullets in the front door. During the annual inspection for section 8 program, it was indicated as a violation and owner's responsibility to repair the bullet holes.

The other door was back patio door and it was warped about 1" and iimpossible to provide proper door seal. You can see light coming through between door and doorframe. So tenant requested to fix it.

As for windows, in both cases(different tenants) they said someone threw a rock to break the window glass. One of the tenants had a police report.
What do you think?
Re: What repair should landlord pay? by Anonymous on September 1, 2012 @01:49 [ Reply ]
I would avoid section 8 tenants.

Folow your own lease.

Why do you let section8 dictate that you need to fix things that the tenant's own son brought on with his behavior?

No, this amount of repairs is not any where near normal.

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