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Leaving Door Unlocked - Landlord Forum thread 268836

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Leaving Door Unlocked by Aizad on October 11, 2012 @21:33

Yesterday I had my Breach of Lease court hearing and the judge ruled for the tenant to leave.

So I've been checking on the property and she has moved the majority of her stuff out, but still has some stuff lying around. Lot of stuff is just junk on the floor.

Most likely she wants the sheriff to do the deed.

A big concern is that she is leaving the front door unlocked. Since she has no regard for property, I'm concerned for vandalism theft etc. Any legal recourse on this matter?
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Re: Leaving Door Unlocked by Bill on October 11, 2012 @21:43 [ Reply ]
You can change the lock and leave a note advising the tenant when and where the key can be picked up during business hours. If the tenant calls in the morning you can say it will be the afternoon when the key can be picked up. Perhaps the tenant will get tired of picking up keys everytime you change locks. Make it a requirement to return the old key when picking up the new key. After changing the locks two or three times you start the rotation over.
Re: Leaving Door Unlocked @ Bill by Jax (Fl) on October 12, 2012 @12:21 [ Reply ]
Your information is wrong and could likely get the LL Stone paying damages and costs to the tenant. You cant lock them out. As others stated many tenants leave their doors unlocked. It is not illegal.
Re: Leaving Door Unlocked by Anonymous on October 12, 2012 @12:45 [ Reply ]
Your tenant still has posession of the rental, if you are droping by and checking to see if she has moved out, you should be fllowing your state guidelines on proper notice to enter. This can turn out badly if she has you arrested for criminal trespassing. Stay away till the last day and then check and secure the rental.
Re: Leaving Door Unlocked by Micah on October 12, 2012 @14:18 [ Reply ]
Why didn't you just lock the door for her?
Re: Leaving Door Unlocked by Robert on October 12, 2012 @17:14 [ Reply ]
Really? You really want to punish a tenant for not locking their door? How do you know they routinely leave it unlocked? Do you check every time they leave? Are you that paranoid? This is the very definition of making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Re: Leaving Door Unlocked by OK-LL on October 13, 2012 @15:49 [ Reply ]
If the tenant has left the property unsecured, you may change the locks and provide a notification posted on the door of your contact information and the fact that a key can be obtained 24/7 at tenant's discretion. It is tenant's obligation to secure the property against vandalism and theft. If is LL's right to ensure it is so. And if you don't think people are standing on the corner waiting to swoop in and walk off with your appliances, or "tag" your walls with their personal logo, you must be living in a different place than I. If you make the key available 24/7 you have not locked the tenant out and the notice is your evidence that such was not your intention, your only intention was to secure the property against damage.

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