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I need clarification - Landlord Forum thread 292867

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I need clarification by Eloise (FL question) on June 4, 2013 @08:38

Hi all!
I am curious about something, for those of you who are not familiar with me, I'm a LL in SC but I rented a SFH in FL.
Our lease on that SFH ends 7/31, when we moved in, 2 years ago, we pre-paid for the "last month's rent".
My husband was transferred to NC, and we moved to NC a couple of weeks ago. We notified the LL of this back in March {with the intention to just pay June, July he already had, and turn in the property at the end of the lease, the utilities left on, yard service in place, since either way, we'd have to pay 2 months probably for breaking the lease, so it would not be a technical "lease break" since we'd still be paying and maintaining the place}.
Anyhow, all fine, he was ok with that. We even put him in contact with someone interested in renting the place, as a matter of fact, he already applied and is waiting on a response from the PM the LL uses. This is not a person we know, it's someone who lived in the same neighborhood and was looking for a larger place and heard we were moving through neighbors.
I email the landlord last week, because they were in the process of moving, to see where I should mail this month's rent to. They reply with the address and mention about this possible new tenant and say they might have a new tenant by the 15th.
I asked them to let me know if they rent the place so I can cancel the yard service, they say OK... now I am thinking about it, and ... why am I paying for rent for June and July if they are re-renting the place?? Wouldn't that be double dipping??
I am more than willing to send the check for the entire month, BUT, if the place rents, shouldn't I be refunded for this?? I am not breaking the lease, I left the place professionally cleaned, carpets professionally cleaned, they even inspected before I left! But we didn't turn the keys in or anything, the utilities are still on and under my name ... I wonder if they are thinking they can just collect rent from me AND the new T???
How should I approach this?
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Re: I need clarification by Katiekate (New York) on June 4, 2013 @08:53 [ Reply ]
I would try to head off any possible problem with a friendly letter. Not email

In a friendly, chatty sort of way tell the landlord you would like to know the date that the lawn service should be turned off... They would like as much notice as possible, or would the landlord (or new tenants) want to just move the account into their names? If so, what date would that be?

You might then also mention that you have paid June, and the July rent was paid at move in as "last month" rent. You would expect a refund in the move out reconciliation .... This would be due 2 weeks after the new tenant moves in, because that move in would be the effective date of the termination of your lease.

Be sure to high light your new mailing address again.

Send it certified. You don't need the return receipt, just get the printout of the delivery status from the USPS web site using the tracking number Send a second copy via normal mail service.

Keeping it friendly, like discussing this with a friend will provide you with the vehicle to make your position known without making it an issue.
Of course the LL will do the right thing, you are trying to help him do it
Re: I need clarification by Anonymous on June 4, 2013 @12:00 [ Reply ]
Katie's advice is spot on! :) You are right, you should not be paying rent if someone else moves in.

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