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RENTAL AC UNIT MAINTNANCE - Landlord Forum thread 304712

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RENTAL AC UNIT MAINTNANCE by Leslie (CA) on October 6, 2013 @19:45

IM A onsite manager and receive a discount from the actual rent . Is the management co responsible for the maintenance of central AC storage area inside rental unit it is in bad condition and we are concerned that children may open it. the flooring inside the storage area has mold/ mildew moisture & humidity reoccurring problem through out the entire apt causing clothing shoes to be damaged and our trimming of doors are peeling. they refused to paint that ar\t this time. they have installed a bigger exhaust fan in bathroom but its just part of the [problem. All 2 bedroom units have inadequate ventilation causing discomfort in certain areas of the rental unit.. how can this be attacked in a appropriate way.
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Re: RENTAL AC UNIT MAINTNANCE by Bill on October 6, 2013 @20:49 [ Reply ]
The AC system seems to be in great neglect. Yes, your landlord is responsible for all of it. But the type of landlord you have is not likely to repair anything. If you ever have heating or hot water problems you should report them directly to the Health Department.
Re: RENTAL AC UNIT MAINTNANCE by Micah on October 7, 2013 @15:12 [ Reply ]
If you are management then why aren't you fixing it?
Re: RENTAL AC UNIT MAINTNANCE by Anonymous on October 9, 2013 @03:52 [ Reply ]
The manager IS 100% responsible for a/c maintenance unless there is something specific in lease contradicting this. You tell us you are the manager so as soon as you were told about this you shoud have written and documented it and sent it to your manager/owner.
Do it now.

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