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Who pays electricity for ductless heaters - Landlord Forum thread 354319

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Who pays electricity for ductless heaters by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on September 19, 2017 @21:37

I haven't decided what to do and would like to hear some of your thoughts.

Background: We own what we refer to as a tri-plex. Originally there was a one bedroom bungalow on a lot. Forty years later but prior to us getting involved a contractor added on two more one bedroom apartments. The bungalow has electric baseboard heat. The other two apartments each have gas wall heaters.

The bungalow is going vacant at the end of October and we are considering upgrading the heating system to a ductless heating/cooling system. One of the other two apartments could also use a replacement/upgrade of its heating system.

I'm told it is possible to install a compressor that can run two independent ductless heaters a lot cheaper than installing two individual ductless heaters each with its own compressor. My question has to do with the cost of the electricity to power that two unit compressor. Since my tenants pay their own electric bills it appears to me that one apartment would be paying for heating/cooling both apartments. Can you think of a practical way around this dilemma?
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Re: Who pays electricity for ductless heaters by Anonymous on September 20, 2017 @03:54 [ Reply ]
Who pays the electric bill if the unit is vacant? It appears you are penny wise but pound foolish. Install individual heating/cooling compressor units and avoid future problems. Good tenants do not like such setups as you propose.

Lets say the tenant whose responsible to pay the bill fails to do so, the power is turned off. The other tenant comes home and finds that every thing in the refrigerator is ruin. How much do you think this possible scenario would cost you? Maybe even a new refrigerator!
Re: Who pays electricity for ductless heaters by Anonymous on September 20, 2017 @07:33 [ Reply ]
"Can you think of a practical way around this dilemma?"

Yes! Never take advice from whoever told you to install one compressor for two units. I would be looking at another installation company that knows what is best for multifamily conditions. Why take advice from someone that's going to clause you problems down the road? They clearly have no idea about rental properties. Find someone else.
Re: Who pays electricity for ductless heaters by Bryant on September 20, 2017 @08:41 [ Reply ]
Just plain bad idea. Separate units is the right way to go.
Re: Who pays electricity for ductless heaters by Cathy M. on September 20, 2017 @09:29 [ Reply ]
So if the compressor unit breaks down, you have two tenants without heat or air conditioning? I agree, you were given poor advice to install one compressor to serve two rentals.
Get more estimates and check for rebates from both manufactures and electric company.
Thank you by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on September 20, 2017 @15:19 [ Reply ]
Thanks all. NOT going with a joint compressor was my first inclination and that is what all of you recommend. Although the additional cost of $2-3K irks me. Perhaps I'll just do the one apartment now as the other one is still working OK.

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