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Verifying VA & SS Benefits - Landlord Forum thread 354349

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Verifying VA & SS Benefits by Shannon (Pa) on September 21, 2017 @12:18

Hello all, I just received an application for potential tenant and apparently he is receiving disability income from the VA from a service-related injury. The letter does state that it is permanent disability and lists his VA claim number as well as his military benefits, and I have seen these letters before however this one doesn't have a copy of the seal imprint that you see in a copy frankly I could copy the VA letterhead which is just a small portion and add his personal information and I could write the same letter to. So as a landlord how do you verify benefits that they are permanent and if they will stay around this amount same with the Social Security whether it's disability or regular Social Security as he has two other Pages here that have no letter had but at the bottom just says Social Security on it and his name and the amounts that's it. After meeting him again I don't think it's any sort of scam I just want to make sure that I do my due diligence the same as I do for anyone. When I did call the number at the VA they can only verify an amount but won't say it's permanent and can't give you any other information even with my signed consent form from the potential tenant so I'm guessing there's no quick way around this. What else do you guys do for va and ss income?
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Re: Verifying VA & SS Benefits by Anonymous on September 22, 2017 @10:03 [ Reply ]
It seems to me the applicant has provided you with everything he can that he has from the VA. He probably can't get anymore info from them, nor can you. Even you don't think he is trying to commit a fraud against you. With the info you do have, is there anything wrong with actually taking him at his word?
He's a Vet with a disability. Treat him with respect and dignity, and if his criminal background checks out OK, then rent to him. And no body's job/income is "permanent". Anyone of us could lose our jobs/income at any minute for a thousand different reasons. If you are still wary of him, get a larger deposit if you can, and only do a M2M lease, and ask for all cash from him for the rent. He served our country, and paid a price for it. Now it's time you stepped up and did your part to help him.
Re: Verifying VA & SS Benefits by Anonymous on September 27, 2017 @19:53 [ Reply ]
I do a credit check on EVERYONE. Your lease should be month to month and your application should say on the bottom that you are relying on the veracity of the information given in the application and if any of it is false, it is grounds for eviction.

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