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Tenants suspected of using drugs - Landlord Forum thread 354382

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Tenants suspected of using drugs by Seth on September 25, 2017 @00:36

We have 4 co-tenants in one of our properties. We have received reports from one tenant that 2 of the other tenants are using illegal drugs and making it difficult for them to cohabit the common space. Do we need to report this to law enforcement before we investigate this ourselves? We own the property and manage it. What proof do we need to initiate eviction procedures?

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Re: Tenants suspected of using drugs by Anonymous on September 25, 2017 @07:52 [ Reply ]
You would need the 1 co-tenant that has seen the drug use, to step up, and call the police about it, or at least, be willing to testify to the police, or in court about it if you do the calling. Unfortunately, that person may have to move out first, because he will be retaliated against by the drug users. If drugs are proven by the police, then that is your proof in order to evict them.
Re: Tenants suspected of using drugs by Anonymous on September 25, 2017 @19:04 [ Reply ]
You might wish to give notice of inspection to check smoke and carbon dioxide detectors or change air filters and do so. Check around to see if anything stands out as to possible drug use. The following day send a notice to each tenant that the use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated and that any future signs of illegal drug use will result in termination of the lease. Don't say what you saw or did not see, let them guess that they screwed up and left something laying around that you saw. Check with your neighbors to see if they have notice anything and to call you if they do. Plan on getting new tenants when lease is up.
Re: Tenants suspected of using drugs by Anonymous on September 26, 2017 @19:36 [ Reply ]
"What proof do we need to initiate eviction procedures"

You will need "preponderance of the evidence". So document everything. Check with Police to see if any related charges or incidents your suspected tenant may have. Lack of evidence in evicting means the tenant can sue you for attorney fees, court cost and damages. An attorney may be the course of action you may need to take. If the lease or rental agreement is near ending, you may wish to non-renew it.

Overall, you should have a "Crime/Drug Addendum" that each tenant signs. That will help make it easier to evict.

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