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What should I do ? - Landlord Forum thread 354406

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What should I do ? by Anonymous on September 27, 2017 @16:51

I've owned a rental home in a nice neighborhood for 30 years. Been lucky to have a very long-term tenant in there for the past 19 years. The single lady with 1 child has taken good care of the place the whole time she has been there. About 3 years ago, she changed jobs, and got a little behind. So I allowed her to pay half the rent-$700, every 2 weeks-when she got paid, I got paid. That worked ok, up until this past spring. She changed jobs again, and her child graduated from high school. At that same time, she apparently lost the child support she had been getting for the last 15 years,(the child turned 18) along with throwing a small grad party for the child. The child is going to a community college, and not working.
Now, for the past 4 months, Ive been getting small chunks of money here and there, to the point, she just paid the last $100 of July's rent on 9/15. She still owes for Aug. and Sept. and Oct is next week. Yes, I know Im too nice of a landlord, but with just 1 child in a 3 bedroom home, and the tenant being longterm and taking care of the place really well, im trying to be lenient, and work with her on the rent, because im worried that I could get in worse tenants that would wreck the place. I know she will keep paying me rent. Its just a question of when and how much. You opinions will be much appreciated.
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Re: What should I do ? by Anonymous on September 27, 2017 @19:49 [ Reply ]
It's already gotten out of hand. Rental properties are a business and as soon as I learned that and started treating it as such, my life was much easier. You need to start sending her formal letters like a pay or quit which means pay all of your back rent or move out. Don't give her a lot of time because she will probably never be able to catch up and you will be out of more and more money as time goes on. She doesn't need nor can she afford your place.
And when you are looking for new tenants please do a credit check on them. Read this forum... it's VERY important.
Re: What should I do ? by Donald T (WA) on September 28, 2017 @07:30 [ Reply ]
Yet another controlling response from the troll on
Telling you "you need to do this or that, or Don't do this type responses.

I would set a time frame for the rent to be brought to current amount owed. I would send this information certify mail, as well as posted on the door. This T seems to have lost her ability to maintain the cost of the property. But that does not make it the LL problem, unless the LL wants to subsidize for the T.
by Nicole (PA) on September 28, 2017 @08:52 [ Reply ]
It certainly seems this lady cannot afford the place and is on her way out. I would help her do that in a way that is beneficial to both. Even if she realizes it, this will be a major uproar in her life when it sinks in that she must go. Should the landlord care? Not in theory but the least amount of drama, stress and damages would be my goal.

This lady bought this house for you. You now have a paid asset of $xxx,xxx. In my book, that would deserve A LOT of appreciation from me.

I would set up a repayment plan for two months rent (understanding she probably won't be able to keep it) and I would forgive one month if the plan was kept. I would make it clear if she can't keep up the plan, she will need to be out. I could do this because in my area it would only take 30ish days to remove if/when that became necessary. If you're in an area that takes months and months, to evict, that would probably not work.

$700 is about $3.00 a month over the term of her tenancy. Several turn overs in a 19 year span would have cost a lot more in money, time and aggravation ... to say nothing of the unknown of who would have lived there and possibly caused some type issues.
    Re: by Anonymous on September 28, 2017 @20:49

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