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Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? - Landlord Forum thread 354528

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Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by Jane (Ca) on October 6, 2017 @19:23

Did you also notice that the answer is always the same "G's advice is reasonable"? What the heck does that mean?
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Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by Donald T on October 6, 2017 @21:25 [ Reply ]
Jane, It means the advice given would be a reasonable tactic to move forward for any LL, depending on there State laws. If anyone is looking for 100 percent legal advice. Then they should be paying a licensed Lawyer in their state.
Not rely on the so called "Professional LL joker" on here.
Your probably Anonymous posting as Jane. HI.
    Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by Dondie on October 6, 2017 @23:34 [ Reply ]
    Has it only occurred to you, that you're the only person who feels the advice is reasonable? Maybe you need to rethink and take your own advice instead of going around and posting your comments. Seems you are trying to make up for something you're not?
      Re: LL's rights to refuse fixing up? by jannie (IL) on October 8, 2017 @19:17 [ Reply ]
      It sounds like this LL doesn't want to renew to the tenant and they were inspecting the property - If there is only a month or two left on the lease. Give them notice of non-renewal and explain you'll be doing some remolding if you want to make an excuse. If the hole was there when they moved in & you're trying to decide whether to renew the lease it must or may have been a year. I wouldn't fix a hole for a month.

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