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Eviction - Landlord Forum thread 354816

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Eviction by Dick (Tennessee) on October 29, 2017 @19:46

2 of my sons rent a home from me. One of my sons girlfriend got a job as a flight attendant and moved out of state. She brought a lot of her belongings over to the home I rent my sons when she moved, including a broke down car. She comes in town once or twice a month and stays with my son. I never put her on the lease or discussed renting to her. She is a lot of drama, has cluttered up my house and I want her stuff gone. Do I have to file an eviction to get her belongings out of my house and if so, do I have to evict them all in that case? Just my 2 sons our on the original lease and it has expired and is a month to month now.
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Re: Eviction by Garry (Iowa) on October 29, 2017 @20:32 [ Reply ]
How well do you get along with your sons, and how strongly do you want everyone out? The GF is not the problem, it's the BF (your son). He has allowed the GF (and her possessions) to be there without your permission. Do not file for eviction just now. Since your tenants are on a M2M lease, give everyone, (and include the GFs name in this,too) a minimum 30 day notice to move. However, since they ARE your sons, and it's holiday time, give them til Dec.31 to be out. If they are still there on Jan.1, then file for eviction for not complying with your notice to move.
But if you find it hard to force your sons to move, you are probably just going to have to live with drama and clutter. Besides, you don't live in the house. The "clutter" will probably have to stay there, unless you can prove it's health or fire hazard. If your sons can live with the "clutter" why can't you? The car is a different story. It is outside, so the neighbors can see it. Call up your local police dept. and/or your local code enforcement officials, and see what they have to say. Most vehicles have to have a current license on it, and be runnable. Depending on your local laws, you may be able to give some kind of notice to you tenants and/or the GF, that you are going to tow the car off the premises.
Re: Eviction by Anonymous on October 29, 2017 @21:21 [ Reply ]
So basically you object to your son's guest. That is what she is! She has a permanent elsewhere. If you have a written policy on tenants having a guest, than you might have grounds for enforcement. That means giving your son's notice to cure the violation.

Filing an eviction against the girlfriend could cause you legal repercussions as she is not a tenant, but a guest by law. Any action you take must be addressed to both your son's, as they will be the legal responsible party for evicting.

As to the car, have your son's take care of that. Do not open yourself up to any legal trouble by going about this the wrong way. As a personal thought, it seems you have a personal grudge against the girlfriend. This has no business in a landlord business as it always cost the landlord in the end more. You need to pick your battles, force your son to forbid his girlfriend and the resulting conflict with your son or let things settle themselves over time?
Re: Eviction by Brenda (Cali) on October 29, 2017 @23:24 [ Reply ]
It's not your house, but your rental property. Your son (both) have certain rights as renters and one of them is to have guest. Even if you dislike their guest, you have no right to interfere with their right to invite and have guest. Don't let your emotions interfere with your business or else you may loose more than just a guest, but both sons.
Re: Eviction by Frank on October 30, 2017 @08:25 [ Reply ]
Business is business. Evicted if they don't clean up.
Sound like they are making a garbage dump out of your property. Serve proper notice. Move forward to evict everyone. The kids will learn a valuable life lesson.
Re: Eviction by Jeff (CO) on October 30, 2017 @15:36 [ Reply ]
Another reason to never rent to family or friends.

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