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Re: Appliance Colors - Landlord Forum thread 354849

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Re: Appliance Colors by Jeff (CO) on October 31, 2017 @15:00

If you're a residential landlord I'd like to know how you get out of dealing with appliances.
I wish I could!
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Re: Appliance Colors by Anonymous on October 31, 2017 @15:25 [ Reply ]
It's not the appliances that is the problem, but poor screening on the landlords part that allows those tenants who are abusive towards appliances or fail to inspect their properties often. Never seen an appliance that was self abusive?
Re: Appliance Colors by Anonymous on October 31, 2017 @15:53 [ Reply ]
jeff -- units with builtins, the builtins are LL responsibility. Freestanding stoves, fridges, laundrys are up for discussion. In lower end to mid range properties I usually have to furnish and maintain,....which is a pita. On turnovers I try to remove in place laundry, stoves and fridges in hopes of new T having or buying their own. I will not kill a deal if it comes up and I have to furnish and maintain,....but I make it known that T is getting a used / servicable mid range appliance in whatever color I give them. No $4000 designer appliances. I try to offer prospective T a couple of hundred dollars per appliance towards them going out and buying their own which they then own and can take with them when they move on, or which I will buy from them at their departure. ---That often seems to work well.

On upper end rentals that more sophisticated T has a better understanding and seems more willing to go out and buy their own style of aspirational appliance -- particularly with fridge's and laundry.
Re: Appliance Colors by Anonymous on October 31, 2017 @15:59 [ Reply ]
the thing I actually hate most is the nonsense complaints about too cold,....not cold enough, clothes don't get clean, tore my sox, the oven is not true to temp, my grandmothers cake receipe doesn't bake the same, etc. etc

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