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Pet Damages Insurance Questions - Landlord Forum thread 354874

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Pet Damages Insurance Questions by Helen (Illinois) on November 1, 2017 @11:20

Is there any insurance that a renter can buy, other than standard Renters Insurance, that would cover
any damages done by their pet to reimburse the landlord? 

68% of renters have pets which is beyond me.  They all work and leave pet alone all day. There is no such
thing as a pet that increases the property value of any rental house or apartment.  Always some damage
by pets and it is the fault of the pet owner:  Pet is left alone all day long, lonesome, and expected to not
urinate or defecate for 10 to 12 hours.  Pets are not solitary creatures and require interaction with
person or other pets.  Pets get crazy from the solitary confinement and do damages to residence and
to yard and plantings.  So the pet owners beat them. 

Why in the world do people buy a pet and leave it alone to suffer emotionally?  All damage caused
by pets are fault of pet owner, not the poor animal.  Of course, pet owners do not want to pay for the
pet damages and get vicious if asked to do so.  They will resist at all costs, lying, denying, etc.

There has to be a better way of handling, insuring, etc. this issue.  Hence, any insurance that would
cover this issue?  Are there any superior Lease Clauses an insurance company has or can suggest that would
help? Some say "it's the cost of doing business".  I do not buy into that cop out.  Got to be a better way to
handle this issue.
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Re: Pet Damages Insurance Questions by Anonymous on November 1, 2017 @11:46 [ Reply ]
no. there is no such thing as pet damage insurance.
pets and children to not improve rental properties. never have,....never will
Re: Pet Damages Insurance Questions by KF (TX) on November 1, 2017 @12:49 [ Reply ]
I was wondering about this also, mainly for liability. I have a SFH for which I am considering allowing pets (with additional monthly fee), and my insurance renewal will not cover any dogs- regardless of breed.
Re: Pet Damages Insurance Questions by Helen (Illinois) on November 2, 2017 @12:21 [ Reply ]
Thanks for the answers. Does Umbrella insurance cover any animal damages? I see to it that each tenant has renter's insurance. Am not aware if Umbrella insurance covers any property damages done by tenants, kids or animals? I have
Amica Insurance which is rated #1 by Consumer Reports. How much extra should we charge if Tenant has pets? I have a person with 2 cats and 2 tiny dogs who wants to rent. That sounds ridiculous to me! Her age is 68 and she has 2 room mates 67 and 50! 3 ladies and 4 pets! 3 BR house, 1 BA.
Re: Pet Damages Insurance Questions by Anonymous on November 3, 2017 @00:16 [ Reply ]
There is available through some insurance companies and in certain areas, "Pet Damage" insurance. It's very limited and such pet damage coverage may only offer up to $500 in liability coverage in the event of pet damage to the rental property. This applies after any pet deposit and/or security deposit has been exhausted.

And yes there is a better way to handle the issue of when renting to applicants or tenants with pets.

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