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Multiple tenants - Landlord Forum thread 354889

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Multiple tenants by Caroline (California) on November 2, 2017 @16:26

I will be renting my single-family home tonight to 3 unrelated women are there any specifics that I need to add to the rental agreement other than I only want one rent check, one security deposit check and they are all responsible for the total rent payment. This is for California. Thank you
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Re: Multiple tenants by Anonymous on November 2, 2017 @19:09 [ Reply ]
So basically, you've never written a lease before?
Re: Multiple tenants by Anonymous on November 3, 2017 @06:05 [ Reply ]
In my opinion the rent amount would be due in full by all who signed the lease. So if the lease amount is 900 dollars, and you only get 600. Then you evict everybody due to rent not paid. My lease and I believe the one on this site has the language that would cover that.
I have two people renting a house now that I get cash on the first. I write one receipt to who ever pays the rent.
Re: Multiple tenants by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on November 3, 2017 @14:57 [ Reply ]
In the past I once rented to two unrelated women. When I received only half the rent I contacted them. The one who had paid claimed that it was not her problem that the rent was short; it was the other girl's problem. Since then I have added a form we named "Economic Unity" for any rentals involving unrelated people. The form says:

"We the undersigned, affirm that we are residing together as an economic unit. We recognize that each of us is fully responsible for the obligations of the economic unit including fulfilling all of the Rental/Lease Agreement and Rules and Regulations, until the rented dwelling is vacated by all, and until a resident is released by written authority of the Owner/Manager. Release always requires a move-out inspection.

We also agree that all Security Deposits will remain in the Owner's/Manager's trust account until the unit is returned to the Owner/Manager for re-renting purposes.

At the end of the Rental/Lease Agreement and/or vacating of the premises by all residents, the Owner/Manager will return the Deposit, less any rent, legal fees, cleaning fees, and damages still owing, to the tenant(s) named below."

The form was originally drafted by a lawyer but that was a number of years ago so I don't know whether everything is perfect, but I have never had to go to court with this form. The tenants all seem to understand that they aren't renting half (or in your case a third) of a unit.
Re: Multiple tenants by Anonymous on November 5, 2017 @15:43 [ Reply ]
Simply put the verbiage in your lease...that lists each tenant by name
Followed by the notation. "Jointly and severably"

What that means is....they are both responsible for the total rent...and yet, it gives you the option to pursue both of them (jointly) or just go after one only (severably) for the total rent.

That is the legal way to do this. Leaves you with the options and keeps both in the hook.. the old line from Sam Adams comes to mind..."we hang together, or we WILL hang separately".

Re: Multiple tenants by Jack Klein (NY) on November 6, 2017 @04:32 [ Reply ]
Just use an LPA Lease for these 3 women to sign. It has the right wording.

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