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Re: tenant late for rent payment - Landlord Forum thread 354920

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Re: tenant late for rent payment by Sandra (NV) on November 4, 2017 @16:48

I have last month rent, he paid that when he signed the contract the first time. So in the last of the cases it will not be so bad, but just he will get 15 days of november for free bcasue it will take that to evict and unfortunately the deposit will not cover the damage in the house. I know already what it is in the house I had n inspection.
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Re: tenant late for rent payment by altagracia on November 7, 2017 @06:00 [ Reply ]
I think you should let tenant know that the last month rent cannot be reused as rent. If he uses he last month rent , he should move out.
Last month rent is the last payment to be used when tenant move out.

you have to be clear with your tenant.
So that way, they know where he or she stands.
Communicate your expectaction to tenant so he know what he can or cannot do.
check to see what is going on.
communication is the key to understanding.
    Re: tenant late for rent payment by Sandra (NV) on November 7, 2017 @10:12 [ Reply ]
    I texted him twice on October 31 and November 1st, Also I send an email with the notice of late payment on November 3rd and he did not answer at all. He knows he has to pay rent for November, he could fight October and said he never receive it back from erentpayment, but November he has to pay. Is true too that As November I changed method of payment but he knows all the issue with erentpayment so he should be interested in contacted me how we pay November I let him know in advance and he never bother to contacted me so yesterday I send the 5 days notice to pay or quit. Le see what he does, he will probably find some kind of excuse and try to shift it to my fault. He had been late for September and October and a gave a cut for late fees but I warned him no cut if he was going to be late again. what ever is the case she should had contacted me.

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