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Pests / mice -- how to handle - Landlord Forum thread 354935

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Pests / mice -- how to handle by EM (TX) on November 6, 2017 @11:56

Single family home, tenant says she's heard some mice in the walls (none spotted in house yet). Older pier and beam home, so it's kind of impossible to totally mouse proof it.

Lease says that tenant has to pay for all extermination costs. Would anyone do anything other than make tenant pay for it? E.g., offer to pitch in 25% or 50% of costs to incentive tenant to handle the problem. I suspect they will do nothing if they have to pay 100% of the cost.

Other factors that might or might not affect it: tenant is fairly new and is paying under market rent by about 5 or 10% (long story not worth going into).
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Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Laura on November 6, 2017 @12:58 [ Reply ]
The Texas Property Code requires the landlord to repair any problems that are a threat to the health or safety of an ordinary tenant. Mice would fall under that obligation from the landlord because they could carry diseases. A landlord cannot transfer that responsibility to the tenant. Courts have stated that such pest as rats, mice, raccoons and squirrels are the landlords responsibility under Texas Property Code as they can harbor diseases, fleas, rabies, etc. which all are considered health and safety issues.

Mice can cause considerable damage if not taken care of. So you need to verify that you either have a problem or not. Then if their is a problem, take care of it by hiring an extermination company.
Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Jimmy on November 6, 2017 @13:40 [ Reply ]
I have same type house, In the past I would set out mechanical traps under house or in out of the way locations to kill mice rats. Also check to see if there are opening that can be closed off with hard wire. Setting out kill bait will cause the rat mice to die in attic or wall and will smell for a few weeks.

My lease states I'm only responsible for termites. I just try to resolve issue because the T don't care about the long term damage to my property.
Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Garry (Iowa) on November 6, 2017 @20:48 [ Reply ]
I agree with Laura, that you need to be responsible for getting rid of the mice, regardless of what your lease says. And I agree with Jimmy about the traps. I use the snap traps, with peanut butter on them. Go to Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace hardware, etc., and get a dozen snap traps.(about $2-$3 each.)Place them in the basement, kitchen, outside around the foundation, Etc.----anywhere there is food, or a place to get out of the home to search for food. You will need to go back once a day, every day, to check the traps (or teach your T how to check them, dispose of any dead mice, and reset the traps with new peanut butter on them.) It could take a month of doing this routine, before all the mice are caught and gone. Remember to save the traps for future use after the mice are eliminated.
And by the way, the T paying under market value in rent , has NOTHING to do with the cost, or who's responsible for the mice infestation, or getting rid of them.
Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Cat on November 7, 2017 @12:43 [ Reply ]
Inform the tenants of the no pet policy and the fee of 50 dollars for each pet. Let them know prior to them moving in there were no such pets. So if they attracted them in. Then they need to pay up for their little friends.

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