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Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle - Landlord Forum thread 354951

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Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Garry (Iowa) on November 6, 2017 @20:48

I agree with Laura, that you need to be responsible for getting rid of the mice, regardless of what your lease says. And I agree with Jimmy about the traps. I use the snap traps, with peanut butter on them. Go to Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace hardware, etc., and get a dozen snap traps.(about $2-$3 each.)Place them in the basement, kitchen, outside around the foundation, Etc.----anywhere there is food, or a place to get out of the home to search for food. You will need to go back once a day, every day, to check the traps (or teach your T how to check them, dispose of any dead mice, and reset the traps with new peanut butter on them.) It could take a month of doing this routine, before all the mice are caught and gone. Remember to save the traps for future use after the mice are eliminated.
And by the way, the T paying under market value in rent , has NOTHING to do with the cost, or who's responsible for the mice infestation, or getting rid of them.
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Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Anonymous on November 7, 2017 @03:24 [ Reply ]
Snap traps impose a liability on the landlord as children and pets can be injured! A better, professional solution would be to use a licensed pest control company. If the landlord chooses to use self help, then the use of enclosed trap boxes to avoid hazards to children and pets should be employed by the landlord.

Paying for a licensed pest control company to take care of the problem would be more cost effective approach in protecting their investment. Surly a landlord would not want the condition to be prolonged by being cheap? Why not have a professional handle it efficiently to protect the landlords investment?

    Re: Pests / mice -- how to handle by Nicole (PA) on November 7, 2017 @08:06 [ Reply ]
    if I were afraid of liability when using something as every day and as basic as a mouse trap, I'd have to stay in my cellar and never come up.

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