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Re: tenants child turns 18 - Landlord Forum thread 354977

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Re: tenants child turns 18 by Garry (Iowa) on November 7, 2017 @23:38

NO !!!! Give the kid a chance to be an adult without trying to tie him down to a lease. You still have the parent on the lease. If she screws up, and you go to court, and she loses, it's her own fault. If the FAMILY is forced to move, thru eviction, or you win a monetary judgement against the mom, the child/adult should not have to pay for the mother's mistakes, simply by having a birthday. Besides, the son will probably want to move out as soon as he is able to. If he does, you will be back to just the mom and 1 child again. Now, if the 18 YO comes back ion 6 months, a year or 2 later, YES, THEN make him sign a lease. BUT NOT NOW!!
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Re: tenants child turns 18 by Anonymous on November 8, 2017 @00:43 [ Reply ]
Why are you yelling?
Re: tenants child turns 18 by nina (CA) on November 8, 2017 @10:47 [ Reply ]
Im just trying to protect myself in this situation.
Last year the tenant said that her oldest son will be moving out after high school, but apparently he still at home.
I had to stop by the property couple months ago and had a brief chat with him - he told me that he works now.

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