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CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY - Landlord Forum thread 354984

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CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY by Nicole on November 8, 2017 @12:25

In March apartment complex gave key to someone not on the lease and they came in at 1:00 AM.
Took 2 weeks to fix A/C & they showed up at least 5 times before that saying it was fine. Called on Sunday about a pipe leak from the A/C that they "fixed". No one showed up till Tuesday with no notice and just went inside. We were not home..Our security system went off for 25 minutes and the cops had to show up. The complex is claiming they entered in an "emergency" but I had called them 48 hours prior to that. Want to get out of this lease early. Thoughts?
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Re: CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY by Greg on November 8, 2017 @12:56 [ Reply ]
Have you already told the landlord you are unhappy want to terminate the lease? How do you know the landlord won't let you out of the lease??

If you have documented all of these terrible incidents you should have no problems. Have a list names of witnesses, the workers who came in, and any people and photos when possible in case you have to go to court.

Re: CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY by Anonymous on November 9, 2017 @03:40 [ Reply ]
First, it depends on what state you are in and if you have followed the landlord tenant law on requesting repairs from the landlord.

As to the apartment complex giving the key to some stranger, you hopefully have a paper trail to rely on for evidence.

When a tenant makes a request for repair, that also implies that permission to enter is granted to enter. The fact that the alarm went off, means you failed to inform the landlord of the present of an alarm, just as you would advise the landlord of possible pets, etc.

You should check your lease to see if there is an early termination fee involved in breaking the lease.

Again, it matters what state you are in and what remedies the landlord tenant laws provide.

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