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Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway - Landlord Forum thread 354986

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Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by Greg (Nebraska) on November 8, 2017 @12:52

So I have a person from craigslist who rents a multiple family dwelling. He has no lease but the other two tenants do. There is 3 car driveway. Each of the 3 tenants use one driveway space. Of the three tenants one has a car with a bad oil leak. I asked him to clean it up or park on the street. He said whats the big deal if my car leaks? I said it looks bad and impacts the value when I rent out to a new tenant. He reluctantly cleaned it once but refuses to park on the street and now he just ignores the growing oil slick. What are my options? Please reply here or via email to Greg.s33w@gmail
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Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by AnonymousFL on November 8, 2017 @13:40 [ Reply ]
Treat it as damage to property and send a notice to the tenants who are on the lease. Explain that you've spoken to their 'guest' and the issue continues to occur, so now they need to be involved.

You should also consider how far you want to take it: charging penalty fees (if your state/lease allows it), notice to quit or remedy, etc.

Ultimately, the tenants on the lease are responsible anyway. May as well put something in writing that they have been informed.

Good luck with it.

PS: I agree with your stance. Every once in a while we have something like this come up. Our lease specifically spells out fees for inoperable vehicles, damage to property by vehicles, unkept yards, etc so that we can apply leverage if the need arises.
Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by Anonymous on November 8, 2017 @14:56 [ Reply ]
a bag of kitty litter will help. advise tenants of record of violation. if they don't fix car or clean up after themselves, you clean up and bill them.

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