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Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway - Landlord Forum thread 354989

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Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by AnonymousFL on November 8, 2017 @13:40

Treat it as damage to property and send a notice to the tenants who are on the lease. Explain that you've spoken to their 'guest' and the issue continues to occur, so now they need to be involved.

You should also consider how far you want to take it: charging penalty fees (if your state/lease allows it), notice to quit or remedy, etc.

Ultimately, the tenants on the lease are responsible anyway. May as well put something in writing that they have been informed.

Good luck with it.

PS: I agree with your stance. Every once in a while we have something like this come up. Our lease specifically spells out fees for inoperable vehicles, damage to property by vehicles, unkept yards, etc so that we can apply leverage if the need arises.
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Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by Greg (NE) on November 8, 2017 @14:45 [ Reply ]
Well this person does not have a lease. He pays rent on time and is mostly a good tenant accept for the oil and his attitude about cleaning it or parking on the street. How do I compel him to park on the street? I realize I could simply tell him he is no longer welcome to stay. He has no lease so if i had to could simply have the police evict him.
    Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by Anonymous on November 8, 2017 @16:02 [ Reply ]
    "Well this person does not have a lease"
    Yes, what you have is a verbal agreement, which is just as enforceable as a written lease. Your State laws allow you to take action weather its verbal or written lease.

    So, send your tenant a "14-30 day" notice to cure the problem, which is the leaking oil from his vehicle and cleaning of the oil spot damage. Your tenant has 14 days to cure the problem or the lease/rental agreement terminates in 30 days, after which you will proceed to file an eviction.

    The tenant can be prohibited from parking until the vehicle is repaired. You can also add that if the problem is remedied within the 14 days, the lease/rental agreement will not end but the tenant will be required to sign a written lease or rental agreement in order to continue to stay in the property.

    Be sure your lease contains both a clause on 'Toxic Materials' such as oil, antifreeze, solvents, gasoline, paint etc. And a clause such as;

    VEHICLES. Tenant shall not perform in any business connected with vehicles on the property. Vehicles of any kind should not be parked on any area other than the driveway, designated RV access, if applicable, or the street. Vehicles leaking oil or gasoline are to be removed from the Premises until repaired. Vehicles in obvious disrepair, inoperative, unregistered or expired registration, are not to be parked on or in front of the property and will be towed at Tenantís expense.

    Serving the tenant a 14-30 Day notice puts the ball in the tenants court. He either complies or the lease/rental agreement terminates in 30 days.

    Good Luck and hope this helps
    Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by AnonymousFL on November 9, 2017 @14:31 [ Reply ]
    My mistake. It took your explanation to mean that the unit had three people living there with two on the lease and the 'problem' tenant not on the lease.

    Why do you have a lease on two of the units, but not the third?
      Re: Tenants car leaks a lot of oil on the driveway by greg (NE) on November 10, 2017 @15:02 [ Reply ]
      It's sort of complicated but the guy who has no lease moved into the place around the same time I did. The primary lease holder at the time, found me and this other guy on craigslist. The primary did not ask either one of us to sign a lease. Then, the primary lease holder moved out and I took over the lease. I kept the nonverbal agreement with the other guy and later did a sublease to a third tenant. The non-leased guy was sort of grandfathered into the no signed lease arrangement but this is going to change.

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