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Tenants showing terrible judgement ... - Landlord Forum thread 354998

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Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Lady Landlord (CA) on November 9, 2017 @00:21

My tenants called me about a plumbing problem - turned out they have been letting their daughter flush wipes down the toilet for two months because "she doesn't like toilet paper"- and while I was there dealing with Roto Rooter I noticed that the garage was a squalid mess that was being used as a bedroom for their teenage son. Fire hazards everywhere - crumpled newspapers, overloaded outlets etc.
They have only been there two months - on a month-to-month. I don't like to move families but I think they are really a danger to my building. They also lied about the garage situation and said that they didn't think the wipes caused the clogging, which it obviously did. Thoughts? This sort of stupidity concerns me.
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Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Anonymous on November 9, 2017 @03:07 [ Reply ]
What does you lease say about the use of the garage and plumbing? Send them a notice to cure if it's a violation of the lease. Present them with the plumbing bill.
Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by kaka on November 9, 2017 @08:43 [ Reply ]
Send them proper notice to vacate due to renovations for possible selling of property. Get rid of the rats before it cost you thousands of dollars, as they destroy your property.

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