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Re: CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY - Landlord Forum thread 355001

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Re: CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY by Anonymous on November 9, 2017 @03:40

First, it depends on what state you are in and if you have followed the landlord tenant law on requesting repairs from the landlord.

As to the apartment complex giving the key to some stranger, you hopefully have a paper trail to rely on for evidence.

When a tenant makes a request for repair, that also implies that permission to enter is granted to enter. The fact that the alarm went off, means you failed to inform the landlord of the present of an alarm, just as you would advise the landlord of possible pets, etc.

You should check your lease to see if there is an early termination fee involved in breaking the lease.

Again, it matters what state you are in and what remedies the landlord tenant laws provide.
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Re: CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY by Anonymous on November 14, 2017 @09:55 [ Reply ]
So,in your state the landlord does not have to give notice to when they plan to enter apartment for repair...(other than emergency when tenant cant not be notified)
just curious
    Re: CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE EARLY by Anonymous on November 14, 2017 @13:00 [ Reply ]
    When a tenant request a repair, permission is granted for the landlord to make the repair by the tenant. If the repair cannot be make in a reasonable time, then the landlord should notify the tenant as when repairs will be made.

    So, in your state, you do not know that?

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