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Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... - Landlord Forum thread 355007

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Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Lady Landlord (CA) on November 9, 2017 @08:56

That is what I think I have to do. There is a level of stupidity here that is not going away. They have overloaded electrical cords everywhere, dry newspaper, leftover food,
etc. and denied anyone was living in the garage even though there is a bed, dresser, computer etc. in there!
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Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Mark on November 11, 2017 @08:41 [ Reply ]
The only level of stupidity here is how you are handling this? You have discovered circumstances that are lease violations (Your lease does cover them?) which you should serve the tenants with a "notice to cure" as per your state requirements. If your lease prohibits using the garage for a living space, then if they fail to correct, then you have a choice to start an eviction. Just beware that the violation must be a substantial/material violation as the tenants can raise a defense to an eviction if it is not.

With out laying the proper ground work for a possible eviction, ending the lease could be seen as retaliation for the tenants requesting repairs. Please don't do something stupid like lying to the tenant that you are ending the lease for remodeling or for sale, as that can and often does come back to haunt you if you rerent the property instead! As of now, just issue your notice and check to see if they comply.
    Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Anonymous on November 11, 2017 @13:20 [ Reply ]
    Don't bother trying to get them to comply by fixing the violations. At best it will be a tempera fix. Just give them proper notice for ending a M2M lease. I bet 100 bucks you have to get them evicted. But at least you get your house back before they total destroy it.
Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Anonymous (Ohio) on November 14, 2017 @20:21 [ Reply ]
The lease is m-m so you do not have to give ANY reason other than give proper 30 day notice that you want them out.
Usually in these situations when we ask people to leave is they get mad and don't the rent . And I Think thank you very much and we evict for nonpayment.
Usually in these circumstances I tell them I will give them their deposit back if they leave the unit clean and undamaged.
Re: Tenants showing terrible judgement ... by Robert on November 29, 2017 @10:30 [ Reply ]
2 worst products ever invented are dryer sheets and wet wipes. plumbers love em. restrict their use in lease. plumbing backups are tenant responsibility unless cause by tree roots or other structural defects.

yes, just terminate their lease now.

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