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Re: painting after 11 months - Landlord Forum thread 355026

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Re: painting after 11 months by Garry (Iowa) on November 10, 2017 @20:26

When charging a tenant for any damages, always think of 3 things------whatever the charges are, can you prove they are beyond normal wear and tear, and are the former Ts likely to take you to court over the charges? The 3rd is----what do you think a judge will say, and can you(LL) win your case? To me, 3-4 dozen nail holes total, covering several walls in several rooms, are normal wear and tear, whether a T has been there for 6 months, or 16 years. EVERYBODY puts up pictures of family, friends, vacation , weddings, etc. on several walls, all over their home/ apartment, to make it feel like HOME. And some people use larger nails or screws to hang up heavier things, like big-screen TVs. It's a normal thing to do, just as walking on a carpet in certain pathways to get to rooms.
So, do you think a judge would side with you, that it's damage beyond normal w+t ? As far as repainting goes, I believe a judge would ask you why you charged a T for repainting, when you should have been using washable paint, and just charge the T for cleaning, not painting. With all that being said, my opinion is, if you just charge the T $100 for cleaning only, yes, they will disagree with you, but that is not a big enough amount, that they would be willing to spend more money to take you to court over it.
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Re: painting after 11 months by Ted (California) on November 11, 2017 @09:14 [ Reply ]
We charged them $150 for prorated heavy touch up and to patch holes.
    Re: painting after 11 months by Anonymous on November 11, 2017 @09:45 [ Reply ]
    What size holes are you talking about? Are they just the hole left form picture hooks or are they larger holes left from molly bolts or large anchoring screws? Seems you are being overly picky in what you consider is damage and not just wear and tear from normal use.

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