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security camera by Laura on December 19, 2017 @18:59

I have a tenant that I believe is tampering with the furnace in my rental. He has no business being in the furnace room, I am responsible for everything in there. My question is can I put in my own security camera in the room to monitor it. It's a single family house. I can get a monitor thru my cell phone carrier.
Thanks in advance
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Re: security camera by Anonymous on December 19, 2017 @19:57 [ Reply ]
Hell No!
Re: security camera by Garry (Iowa) on December 19, 2017 @22:57 [ Reply ]
If the furnace room is included as part of the overall rental that the T is paying rent on, then no, you cannot put a camera in there, as it would compromise their privacy. You can put cameras on the outside of your house, pointed away from the house, but not the inside.
What makes you think they are tampering with the furnace ? And why would they ? If they break the furnace, THEY are the ones who are going to go without heat til it gets fixed. Do you have some things stored in there, that you don't want touched ? If you do, either take them out of there and off the premises, or tell the T not to touch the items, and hope that they comply. Whom changes the filters? If the T does, then they HAVE to have access to the furnace.
You called it a "room". Can it be locked up, so no one but you has access to the furnace ? If it can, lock it up, reduce their rent by $5/mo. and then go over there every 30-60 days to change the filter. Or is the electrical panel in that room, that the T needs access to? If it is, the T needs access to it at all times.
Re: security camera by Anonymous on December 20, 2017 @00:04 [ Reply ]
You could always have the unit inspected/photographed, then let the tenant know you have documentation that everything is good and in working order. That way if something comes up later you would hopefully be able to tell he messed with it.

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