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Legal Date of Vacancy - Landlord Forum thread 355447

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Legal Date of Vacancy by Anonymous (Pennsylvania) on December 27, 2017 @09:12

Tenant was supposed to move out on Oct. 31. Did not return keys until Dec. 1. What is the legal date of vacancy?
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Re: Legal Date of Vacancy by Anonymous on December 27, 2017 @13:40 [ Reply ]
1. was this a good tenant who left the premises in good order?
2. did you enter and inspect the premises shortly after the scheduled vacancy date ?
3. was there a writing regarding date certain vacate date?

technically I would say (imho) that the return of keys is the clear, voluntary return of possession from t to ll.

on voluntary vacates, with intent date having been documented, I announce, enter and inspect shortly after vacate date to confirm vacate and condition. I don't necessarily wait for the keys on the technical condition that I may be able to get some more possession rent out of the T.
Re: Legal Date of Vacancy by jannie (IL) on December 27, 2017 @14:00 [ Reply ]
a. I go in the next day to inspect property.
b. Are you saying you live in the same town and then didn't give the keys until Dec. 1?
c. I don't rely on when they are supposed to move out I rely on when I go to the property and look to see they are moved out.
d. I am wondering why when keys weren't returned on Nov 1 you didn't call up.

In my mind the legal date of vacancy is when it's available for rent.

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