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Tenant's daughter's guest - Landlord Forum thread 355465

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Tenant's daughter's guest by A tired owner (California) on December 29, 2017 @01:01

I have inherited a apt bldg from my father and he had a long term tenant (over 40 years) who has always been a perfect tenant. He is on a month to month lease and the bldg is not rent controlled. Recently his grown daughter has moved in to take care of him (he is now in his late 70's and has many health problems) and her boyfriend has been a huge problem. He acts as though he lives there, stores stolen items in the laundry room (which we have thrown away many times), does drugs around the bldg, threatens the other tenants and sneaks in the window of her room every night (so pretty much living there). The police are out there regularly because of the boyfriend. When we talk with the tenant about it (who is the only one on the lease), he admits he is afraid of the boyfriend and his doctor told him he cannot confront him due to a bad heart. He says he feels helpless because he does need his daughter's help due to his health, but he does not want the boyfriend around as well and sometimes he goes and sits in his car for many hours to get away from him.

Is there something we can legally do to prohibit the boyfriend from being on the property like a no trespassing order so we don't have to evict the father?

We're desperate and need help with this.
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Re: Tenant's daughter's guest by Kat (CA) on December 29, 2017 @01:25 [ Reply ]
Try contacting Adult protective Services and making a report. Have you made police reports about the stolen items and the drug use?
Re: Tenant's daughter's guest by Peter on December 29, 2017 @17:42 [ Reply ]
Get Police reports for when he trespasses! Be mindful of the other tenants' rights also. They are entitled to "quiet enjoyment". The last thing you want is this clown giving them a reason to stop payment. Be pro active or you may have a huge problem on you hands. These types of people know the laws inside out and will exploit them.If he establishes residency, good luck getting rid of him.

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