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Light bulbs and fixtures - Landlord Forum thread 355467

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Light bulbs and fixtures by Anonymous on December 29, 2017 @08:49

Who is responsible for light bulbs when they are burned out, landlord or tenant? Normally, this is not written in a lease. Also, nowadays many light fixtures are LED and are to last 20 years although I don't think they will last that long; who is responsible for them during tenancy?
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Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Stephen (Washington (WA)) on December 29, 2017 @09:56 [ Reply ]
I have duplexes so there are no common hallways or such. One building does have a couple shared/common lights (laundry room ceiling light, porch light to laundry room, flood light for parking).

Here is how I view and tend to handle everything. Those lights listed above are my responsibility although I suspect the laundry room light is actually being replaced by the tenants (everyone in that building is related). Everything inside the units plus their individual porch lights are their responsibility. With one exception, I have another duplex which has two story units. There is a light over the stairs that requires use of a ladder set upon the stairs (so the legs are at different levels). I take care of those because I view them as requiring specialty equipment, also I have LEDs in those so I may not have to do them again for quite awhile.
Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Anonymous on December 29, 2017 @14:17 [ Reply ]
sfr's tenant is responsible for all inside and out
multi's -- common areas are LL responsibility

my leases say T has inspected all switches, receptacles, outlets and bulbs at possession start and found all working properly. T is responsible for all maintain and replace not to exceed 60 watts and to return at surrender with like kind working.

you're right in saying most leases do not state. After a couple of instances where T have vacated and took bulbs with them,.....or left one working and the other six in the fixture burned out,.....I started putting that PP in the lease,.....including bulb replacement costs. LEDS have come down quite a lot,....but they're still serious money when you have to spend the time and money to be replacing 20 or 30 of them.
Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Doug on December 29, 2017 @17:39 [ Reply ]
Personally my lease specifically shifts the responsibility for changing light bulbs in fixtures to me. It may seem weird, but I use LED light bulbs, and they are all under waranty. If one dies I want the bulb. In my list of typical charges, I list replacing a missing or broken LED bulb at a cost that may seem prohibitive, but I have the bid in writing from my electrician to change or replace a LED bulb.

Simply put, if you brought the bulb in in say a table lamp, then it's your responsibility. If it was here when you moved in it's my responsibility. This has more than once let me know that there was a wiring problem, which is an added benefit.
Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Josh (AL) on January 2, 2018 @20:39 [ Reply ]
I was under the impression that typical light bulb replacement was considered a consumable and left on the tenant to replace? Fixture, however, part of the dwelling and left for the landlord to replace. Is this not correct?
Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by lamac66 (ga) on January 3, 2018 @08:04 [ Reply ]
Tenant responsible for replacing light bulbs.

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