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Re: Light bulbs and fixtures - Landlord Forum thread 355475

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Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Doug on December 29, 2017 @17:39

Personally my lease specifically shifts the responsibility for changing light bulbs in fixtures to me. It may seem weird, but I use LED light bulbs, and they are all under waranty. If one dies I want the bulb. In my list of typical charges, I list replacing a missing or broken LED bulb at a cost that may seem prohibitive, but I have the bid in writing from my electrician to change or replace a LED bulb.

Simply put, if you brought the bulb in in say a table lamp, then it's your responsibility. If it was here when you moved in it's my responsibility. This has more than once let me know that there was a wiring problem, which is an added benefit.
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Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Anonymous on December 30, 2017 @12:17 [ Reply ]
doug -- while you might have a ''bid'' from your
electrician to change a lightbulb, most judges would probably consider this excessive and against what is known as public policy. obviously an exterior bulb only accessible with a forty foot ladder is a special.
    Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Doug on January 5, 2018 @00:19 [ Reply ]
    Not so, It's in my list of example charges agreed to by both as part of the lease. Say what you will, if you agree to buy the bulb for $100, and you take the bulb, you will be charged for it.
Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Anonymous on January 2, 2018 @06:47 [ Reply ]
Doug. LEDs come in several color temperatures and do not really work well with dimmers,.....even those claimed to be ''''dimmable''''. Do you find tenants replacing yours with their own preferred bulbs ??
    Re: Light bulbs and fixtures by Doug on January 5, 2018 @00:17 [ Reply ]
    nope. I'm pretty picky about selecting the right bulb. On the other hand if they asked to have a bulb replaced for a cooler or warmer on i would.

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