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Permit approved prior to occupancy - Landlord Forum thread 355489

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Permit approved prior to occupancy by New LL (VA-Virginia) on December 31, 2017 @16:44

I nicely replaced the workable-but-aged hot water gas heater with a new one in a single family rental house. It was the same day work and the house had the hot water by the end of the very same instillation day without issue.

Later, Local County inspected the installation OK and pending on Chimney Cert paper and would give "failed" status on Permit until the paper is submitted otherwise the permit can be expired in April 2018. Plumber believes "Permit approved prior to occupancy" is for new construction, not for exact replacement, and is also working on this "pending status" with Local county to get approval because Permit is submitted with Owner (me) name, not plumber name.

Can Tenant sue landlord with this replacement?
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Re: Permit approved prior to occupancy by Garry (Iowa) on December 31, 2017 @17:52 [ Reply ]
Not quite sure what you are getting at. There are always permits, "paperwork" and inspections to be done whenever furnaces, water heaters, roofs, etc. are being replaced. Those things have nothing to do with the tenant. That's totally normal to do business that way all over the country. Now if a T is without heat or hot water for more than a day, and they had to make other arrangements to be able to carry on with their daily lives, then they should be compensated for that, for the 1-2 days---(usually they would owe you no rent for the 1-2 days.)
As you know, anyone can sue anybody, for anything, at any time. But can they WIN ?? Highly Improbable ! Get all your "paperwork" and inspections done asap, and don't worry about the T.
Re: Permit approved prior to occupancy by Anonymous on December 31, 2017 @19:29 [ Reply ]
It's sounds as if you have no proper permit for the work that was done, then your occupancy permit may not be valid. That means that the tenant can perhaps vacate the rental for the landlords failure to provide a legal rental property. Without proper permits, you may not legally rent out the property. You could also be required to return all rental payments back to the tenant.
Re: Permit approved prior to occupancy by Anonymous on December 31, 2017 @20:07 [ Reply ]
Virginia building code requires a permit for replacement of water heaters. Most likely, your county or city also requires a permit for replacement. Your plumber should know this information, is he a licensed plumber? Without the proper permits, I agree that you may not be able to rent out the property. Best if you take the time and walk the paper work through so that you are legal.

If the plumber did the installation, then the plumber is legally required to pull the permit. An owner should not be pulling a permit for a supposedly licensed plumber who Knows better.

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