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Window Repairs took 2.5 months - Landlord Forum thread 355498

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Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Anonymous (VA-Virginia) on December 31, 2017 @18:54

Was it too long to complete this repair?

This rental is single family house. T did not mention Window issue on the walk-though date, but then claimed most of the windows could not be opened.

This repair was not emergency. And It was Fall when weather was becoming cooler. Who would open windows during the cold season? But T ran Extension cord through Window for decorations and Christmas lights later.

Anyway, The repair costs me (L) $235, and took 2.5 months to be done even L actively and timely responded to this repair.

The following activities took time. Does it make sense? Can T sue L b/c this repair took 2.5 months?
(1) initial investigation to see what the problem was with couple of Window professionals. It was paint-shut.
(2) determine to repair or new windows
(3) the availability of both Window Contractors and T - T is responsible to open the door for Window Contractors. And Window contractors work for many customers.

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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Garry (Iowa) on December 31, 2017 @19:35 [ Reply ]
Yes, the T could sue you, but I don't know what his damages would be. YES, YOU DID take TOO long to get several windows unstuck, once the T told you about them. What if there was a fire a week after he informed you about the windows? Would you prefer they break your windows to get out, or simply open them to get out. What if some got hurt , or died, because they could not get the windows open, nor be able to break them.? You have some vary lame excuses as to why it took so long. Next time service your customers (tenants) ASAP ! In my city, ALL windows are to be able to be opened 24/7/365.
Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Anonymous on December 31, 2017 @19:52 [ Reply ]
Building codes require that at the minimum, at least one window in each room be operable. If your windows were painted shut, you were in violation of the building and fire codes.

Unsticking painted windows does not take two and a half months to repair! Your legal responsibility was to hire someone to do the repair, be there to allow access and inspect the completed work. The tenant has no responsibility to open the door for the contractors, that's the landlords job. You should have made sure that the windows were operable before the tenant ever moved in.
Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Anonymous on December 31, 2017 @20:59 [ Reply ]
This repair date is actually agreed with Tenant acknowledge, and actually took only 1 month 22 days, not 2.5 months.

There was a long waiting period that Tenant agreed.
Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Nicole (PA) on January 1, 2018 @10:01 [ Reply ]
To your question "was it too long to complete this repair" the answer is "yes". Follow up is why does it matter at this point? Next time, YOU take care of it, not the tenant. handyman could have taken care of this in hours.
Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Anonymous on January 1, 2018 @16:59 [ Reply ]
T would not let Contractor in without T was in b/c T's liability of T's 2 service dogs. This causes extra delay.

LL has a key box having a key in case Lockout or Emergency or Contractors access the house.

Is LL still responsible?

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