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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months - Landlord Forum thread 355503

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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Garry (Iowa) on December 31, 2017 @19:35

Yes, the T could sue you, but I don't know what his damages would be. YES, YOU DID take TOO long to get several windows unstuck, once the T told you about them. What if there was a fire a week after he informed you about the windows? Would you prefer they break your windows to get out, or simply open them to get out. What if some got hurt , or died, because they could not get the windows open, nor be able to break them.? You have some vary lame excuses as to why it took so long. Next time service your customers (tenants) ASAP ! In my city, ALL windows are to be able to be opened 24/7/365.
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Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Anonymous on December 31, 2017 @19:49 [ Reply ]

If a fire, People can use the doors to escape and there are many doors and all working doors in this single family house.

I did respond this in time matter. But, both availability of Window Contractors and T caused much more delay (75-plus % of the time waste on waiting even I called contractors to come) - either T was NOT available to open the door or Contractors was NOT available to immediately get there to get a quote.

What can L do about this?
    Re: Window Repairs took 2.5 months by Garry (Iowa) on December 31, 2017 @20:21 [ Reply ]
    You can set a time and date with a contractor 4-5 days out, during the week at 8-5 daytime hours. Once set, post a 48 hour notice on the Ts front door (plus call/text the T, also) of when YOU AND the contractor WILL be there. Use your key to get in, if the T is not there. If the T is there, but won't let you in, DO NOT try to force your way in. Simply leave, and send a letter by cert. mail, to the T, stating the T MUST contact you, in WRITING, exactly when you and the contractor can come in.(it should be 1-2 weeks out, so you can set up the date with the contractor.)
    By the way, if a fire(or smoke) is in a hallway where the bedrooms are, the ONLY way out, is thru a window in the bedrooms. (and be sure you have working smoke detectors in all the bedrooms, and 1 in the hallway outside of them. )

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