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Re: take picture of the rental & yard against privacy? - Landlord Forum thread 355534

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Re: take picture of the rental & yard against privacy? by Anonymous on January 1, 2018 @11:56

Did you take pictures of the outside of the rental or the inside of the rental? Your language is vague.

If you took pictures of the inside of the rental, without notifying the tenant, then it's quite possible you've breached their privacy and their right to quiet enjoyment. While you may be the landlord and owner of the rental, the lease gives the tenants exclusive rights to the rental for the duration. It is their home.

If you took pictures of the outside, there is no expectation of privacy in public or common areas. Nobody is going to win if they sue Google because their Street View car took a picture that included the front of their house. Now if windows were open and things are visible, this is a different story. You can't be a peeping tom.

Overall, transparency is best when dealing with your tenants (customers). Remember: they are your livelihood and are living in your property. Always give proper notice when you intend to visit the rental, even if you're not entering the home itself. You'll find people to be much more cooperative.
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