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Suspicion of Drugs at rental - Landlord Forum thread 355924

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Suspicion of Drugs at rental by CC (NC) on January 30, 2018 @12:53

If a tenant tells you confidentially that she knows other occupants of the residential rental house she lives in are doing drugs at the residence though she hasn't physically seen them doing it, only seen their drug paraphernalia(glass pipe, etc.) lying around and also how they're acting.. what is a Landlord supposed to do with that information? I asked her if she has reported anything to the law or told anyone else, she said no. She also feels if she does make any reports, the other occupants might retaliate against her, and she has nowhere else to go at the moment and is also still on the lease.

On a similar note, if a tenant(same one) tells you that she witnesses other occupants(also same ones) of that same rental place arguing and physically fighting, but she or no one else has reported anything to the law(and apparently they haven't killed each other yet)... what is a Landlord supposed to do with that information? Anything? I thanked her for telling me, and then I just told her in the matter of both situations that if she ever feels like she's in danger in any way to not hesitate to call 911. But I don't know what I'm actually supposed to do about it or IF I can do anything about it. I don't have any proof of either other than what she's said.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions!
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Re: Suspicion of Drugs at rental by altagracia on January 30, 2018 @16:42 [ Reply ]
just keep watching and be aware.
As the landlord, you are supposed to keep your property in Peace, enjoyment and do not allow fight or argument.
Send a reminder to every tenant keep quiet ;Otherwise your property get bad reputation.
Check with other tenants in your property and ask how are they doing?
is everyone behaving in the rental property?
Re: Suspicion of Drugs at rental by Doug on February 3, 2018 @16:09 [ Reply ]
First, without evidence of illegal activity it would be difficult to evict. However, if you notice the evidence out in the open while doing maintenance or a periodic property inspection that would probably be sufficient for eviction. You'll have to check with an attorney.

This could easily be one tenant not liking another tenant and trying to make a problem for the landlord. Personally I'd attempt to stay out of the middle of it. Mainly because I'm not law enforcement.

If you want to you can end one or both tenancy(s) when the lease expires. It doesn't matter whether one or the other has any other place to go. As landlords we are explicitly not in the business of managing other peoples lives, just our property.

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