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Re: Is the House Warm Enough? HELP! - Landlord Forum thread 355949

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Re: Is the House Warm Enough? HELP! by mdk0420 on February 1, 2018 @04:30

I think your being quite fair and generous. You don't have to fix drafty windows. The home only needs to be able to warm up to 68 degrees between sometime in october and sometime in april (IIRC, can't remember the exact days) in PA. Your doing it right though, it is in your best interest to try and save the tenant money by fixing the drafty windows so he can use that money towards better things, like paying rent.

He seems to be a bit of a troublesome tenant.

Far as the dog issue, you were there for a repair and found evidence of a dog. He now owes that pet deposit regardless. There's not retaliation about it. And quite honestly there's no reason you can't retaliate against him being a picky tenant. You just can't retaliate him for using law courses of actions for legitimate problems, which everything you explained seems to suggest it is just a problem tenant.

I am very stern with my tenants right from the gecko. If they request something stupid I tell them that it makes absolutely no sense on why I would waste my time and money on something like that. The drafty windows I understand. But the furnace is heating up. The home gets warm enough. I would take some of the other advice I've seen on this post, and start getting rid of him.

If he pays on time, then the damage is already done and maybe just let him stick it out until the end of the lease and then remove him. Personally, I try to find sly ways of removing a tenant if they are a problem, but without causing them so much stress that they want to just wait for an eviction. It'll also mitigate the cost of vacancy time. Make sure you charge him for the pet though. Taking it easy on tenants can make certain tenants think they are entitled and just do whatever they please.
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