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Eviction - Landlord Forum thread 355962

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Eviction by Libby (PA) on February 1, 2018 @17:45

I had an eviction last week. All of the tenants belongings were left behind. They called today wanting to pick up their belongings. I told them I would call them back to set up a time. I don't want to be there alone with them. Can I demand that they need to notify the constable to be there at the property when they come to get their things?
Thank you
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Re: Eviction by Anonymous on February 1, 2018 @19:55 [ Reply ]
Find out of your local law enforcement does "keep the peace" calls and if you have to schedule it for a specific day/time. If they do, just make the appointment yourself.

Re: Eviction by Garry (Iowa) on February 1, 2018 @20:02 [ Reply ]
In most states, when an eviction happens, all the Ts possessions are put to the curb on that day. Maybe its different in Pa. Maybe it's just the people themselves who must go, as they should have taken precautions to have all their possessions removed before that day. To answer your Q-----no, neither you nor they should involve law enforcement for this. If you are going to allow the former Ts back on your property, you should designate a 2-4 hour time frame on the weekend, when you and 1-2 friends or relatives can be there. Stick to your time frame. If they want their things bad enough, they will bring help and a truck to get it ALL. Tell them this is a 1-time happening ONLY. Also remember, they are doing you a favor by getting their stuff, as YOU will be the ones to have to dispose of it all, if they don't take it now.

What you should do, is take pics of all their things exactly where they are in each room. Then gently put all their things in the front room, close to the front door. That way, they only have to be in the one room to remove things, and you and your friends can be in the rest of the place, doing cleaning, painting, repairs, etc. You don't need to get into arguments with them. If that starts to happen, THEN you can call the police. Also tell them you have changed the locks so they can never get back in.
Re: Eviction by lee (wi) on February 1, 2018 @20:33 [ Reply ]
I just did one this week through the court house.

the sheriffs will remove the people but the crap left behind will need to be written off by the officer unless the officer deams it has value.
Then they report to local police that the ex tenant is out and only tresspassing if caught on the property
Re: Eviction by Nicole (PA) on February 1, 2018 @21:46 [ Reply ]
first, as you already know, ignore information from other states. they're trying to help but the info isn't right. Nothing gets sat at the curb here at time of eviction. the constable doesn't write anything down.

Since you're within the 10 day period, you have to give them access. Unfortunately, the new laws don't give us any guidance or assistance with this. when the laws changed, I asked one of my constables if I could pay him to basically "stand around" when tenants came for their possessions. He basically answered "not in this lifetime". He told me to hire a private security firm.

I know someone who did move all the possessions (trash, "good stuff", etc.), all to one room with outside access and told them to get it within xx hours on the requested date or they couldn't have it. they told them to bring one truck and that's it ... not filling up a truck, taking it somewhere and unloading, returning and repeat.

Are tenants who failed to take their possessions prior to set out and left everything they own while the constable watched them walk out the door will ever take you to court? slim to none but you never know. do what's right, and move on.

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