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Re: Eviction - Landlord Forum thread 355980

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Re: Eviction by Nicole (PA) on February 1, 2018 @21:46

first, as you already know, ignore information from other states. they're trying to help but the info isn't right. Nothing gets sat at the curb here at time of eviction. the constable doesn't write anything down.

Since you're within the 10 day period, you have to give them access. Unfortunately, the new laws don't give us any guidance or assistance with this. when the laws changed, I asked one of my constables if I could pay him to basically "stand around" when tenants came for their possessions. He basically answered "not in this lifetime". He told me to hire a private security firm.

I know someone who did move all the possessions (trash, "good stuff", etc.), all to one room with outside access and told them to get it within xx hours on the requested date or they couldn't have it. they told them to bring one truck and that's it ... not filling up a truck, taking it somewhere and unloading, returning and repeat.

Are tenants who failed to take their possessions prior to set out and left everything they own while the constable watched them walk out the door will ever take you to court? slim to none but you never know. do what's right, and move on.
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