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Re: Pet Friendly Contingencies - Landlord Forum thread 355991

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Re: Pet Friendly Contingencies by Anonymous on February 1, 2018 @23:51

1) dog only; $35/mo additional rent; 25 lb max per dog
- reasonable and common

2) dog must be UTD on vaccinations (rabies, kennel cough - the works)
- unreasonable to insist on vaccinations other than what is legally required (rabies)

3) dog must be on flea preventative care 12-months out of the year
- unreasonable, flea treatments are a medication and dogs are living creatures, not all tolerate medications the same

4) owner must clean up yard from dog (obvious to me, but probably not to others)
- reasonable and common

5) additional security deposit required for dog (1-month)
- as another poster said, don't do something that will bump up against what your state considers a security deposit. you're already wanting to collect extra rent for the pet

6) dog must do its business outside - NOT in a litter box
- dogs don't use the litter box, and again, this is subjective. some dogs are trained to use pee pee pads, especially during bad weather

7) dog must be sterilized (spayed/neuetered)
- as a pet owner, i agree with spaying/neutering pets, but why would this matter to you as a landlord?

8) dog must be housebroken
- subjective, all dogs will have an accident every now and then

9) dog must be friendly (so when the LL comes to repair...)
- subjective, how friendly is friendly? tenants should be instructed to segregate their animals when the landlord or their agents come to the property. a dog can injure someone by being overly FRIENDLY as well as overly mean

There's an old saying - lower your rent, not your standards. You don't want pets in your rental, this is apparent by your exhaustive list that can't possibly be met. Don't accept pets.
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Re: Pet Friendly Contingencies by Jason (PA) on February 2, 2018 @03:38 [ Reply ]

I appreciate your feedback and you definitely make some strong points that I obviously overlooked. Thank you for that.

    Re: Pet Friendly Contingencies by Anonymous on February 2, 2018 @08:17 [ Reply ]
    My pleasure, glad to help. One other thing...if you go ahead and accept pets, make sure your restricted breed list includes at a minimun, those breeds which are restricted by your insurance policy.

    As a pet owner, Ive always thought the bad rep associated with certain breeds is undeserved. Every pittie Ive ever met has been a sweet lovey beast, but certain people who own them are bad people, and bad pet owners. Therefore insurance companies unfortunately have to consider them a higher risk, even though teeny dogs like chihuahuahs are frequently far more ill tempered.
      Re: Pet Friendly Contingencies by Jason (PA) on February 5, 2018 @01:57 [ Reply ]
      I completely agree... I love my pit mix, but I cannot allow that breed due to my insurance policy on this property. Plus pits are a little too big than what I'd prefer to live there.

      Several applicants have smaller mixed breeds (Yorkie, Shih-Tzu or whatever they're call when they're mixed).

      Thanks again. -Jason

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